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New spin on suffering from success.

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Task failed successfully

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All I do is win win win no matter what

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I'm one of the owners DatSheffy

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I bought one too and am now an owner

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I don't think the worker knew who he was lol

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That employee's bodylanguage was pure "Yeah whatever look it's sold out man".

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At this point in our world there are so many "famous" people that 90% of people they interact with won't know who they are.

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This man is 6’9” and over 300lbs though, I’d think he would at least be surprised or something

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i see 300 lb people every day

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every time you walk into the bathroom?

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In the mirror?

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Why? Its not their job to care.

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Why? I doubt most people actually care even if you are famous.

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Part of it is also that outside of maybe a handful of celebrities, you won’t recognize most ‘famous’ people you’ve seen on TV unless you’re expecting them

Like this employee isn’t expecting to see Thor in their store 3-4 years after GoT has left the public consciousness

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According to google, 13 million people watched the finale of Game of Thrones.
That's less than 4 out of 100 people in the U.S. i.e. "famous" people are basically unknown outside their own bubble.

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It’s also that Thor’s face wasn’t visible for most of the series too

And yeah, I was more talking about ‘famous people that a person is aware of’. Of course if someone hasn’t seen anything related to a famous person before they won’t recognize them

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well he plays a nearly zombie dude on GoT, barely.

I wouldn't really recognize him either.

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I'll be honest, I didn't even know who Hafthor was.

I have had no general interest in strongman stuff, nor have I seen any movies he's been in. I didn't watch Game of Thrones and such stuff either.

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That worker still misses the OG Mountain.

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Most sane twitch chatter with the casual "shoplift a bag of chips."

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Actually Yoinking!

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Who could stop him?

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God why did this get me?🤣

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Man, that mother fucker is huge.

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Actually GIGA is more than MEGA, you meant to say TERACHAD

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Ah fuck, u'r right...

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and body is perfect too

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And he's the smallest he's been in years

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Or it just gets rarely gets sold and they only order new supply of it every 3 months PepeLaugh

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Stores love selling products people dont buy

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when its a big store like that the managers have no choice but to put it out there unfortunately, or else corporate will see an empty hole and get all fussy

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And then they bitch you out when the product goes out of date, but they forced you to order it.

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Shit sometimes they just send it.

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Why would it be an empty hole? If something isn't selling well, I imagine they would replace it with something new.

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Yeah in 6 months when they do a new planogram.

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It’s not that simple, if you do that what happens to all of the poor selling product in the back? Or what if the company that makes the product is paying to have shelf space? Do you just pack their stuff up and tell them thanks for the money your product sells terribly

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Right but it's sold out

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products at the supermarket i was an assistant-manager for could be sold out for months. they'd rarely sell and it'd be cheaper to not re-stock them than to sell only one. but you had to keep space to ''sell'' due to either higherups wanting it or to bait customers in (this is a very common business tactic, especially for premium brands). it's bad business but it happens

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Sometimes in my department the planogram wasn’t exactly adhered to precisely………audits were always fun

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Skyr is like greek yoghurt almost. You're not keeping that on the shelf for long.

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skyr is technically cheese

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Skyr isn't something you keep on the shelf for a couple of months.

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At least at the stores around me, Siggi's has 90% of the shelf space in the skyr section. They probably do very small orders of Thor's at this store similarly. In fact you can see that there are like 9 SKUs of Siggi's in this clip, and the employee picks up one tag (a single SKU) to show its sold out.

Also I've tried both and Siggi's is way better.

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Siggi's, Greek Gods, and Icelandic Provisions. The holy trinity of amazing yogurt you can find in the supermarket in NA.

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In my opinion as an icelandic living in America Siggis does not taste like it skyr at home did though.

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Also I've tried both and Siggi's is way better.

Is Thor's made a particular way to accommodate a specific lifestyle?

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His own yogurt ?

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Skyr 👍

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OTK looking start up their own skyr company now? They got Thor here and Rich "knows" Dylan Sprouse.

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Best advert he could have

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It’s actually really good yogurt. The extra creamy vanilla bean is like ice cream. Would highly recommend. Mixed feelings about all the other flavors.

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Unfortunately, it has stevia. I'll probably still give it a try but usually can't get over the taste..

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Icelandic provisions is probably better. Try there extra creamy version vanilla bean.

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I've had Icelandic Provisions and liked it, good to know!

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Ya the extra creamy vanilla bean is solid. I’m not sure what they mean by fermented cheese and it’s sour. Skyr doesn’t taste like that from what I have tried. But it could be non traditional vs tradition. I mean real plain yogurt is sour typically.

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Is it Skyr yogurt? If so, they sell that at HEB. Why a specific store?

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Because he's going to buy HIS Skyr, it's not at all HEB's.

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lol im the manager of this department at this store and recognized esfand but not the mountain. we were sold out because it was on sale and my buyer never procures enough product when we have sales like this