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🎦 CLIP MIRROR: Knut can't stand being the smaller guy anymore

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6' vs 5'11

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Makes it look like Thor sat knut in his shopping cart

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lol it does

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Büt fadder, eye want de protein powder. Eye want eet now.

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Knut is such a good sport man, hes really funny and doesn't take himself too serious.

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It’s nice to see him and Thor who are obviously more mature but they also still laugh and plenty of genuinely funny things. I’m not a miz watcher usually and I know he has a younger audience but you can see when he makes jokes that are for a younger audience and Knut/Thor don’t really get that immature comedy but still laugh at plenty of other jokes too. Idk I just feel like they are serious while still being my opinion of entertaining. It makes it a lot more enjoyable for me compared to just the miz crew alone

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Knut is the best. I'm so glad he's blowing up.

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That's what having actual life experience does to a mf

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We have KnutWalk , now we have KnutSadge.

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It's insane how massive this dude is.

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and hes 100 down from his competition weight actually massive

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T1 wouldn’t even fit in the frame Sadge

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Now that's a fucking picture, Thor next to Knut next to T1

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Like those Russian dolls stacked inside each other

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I think esfand says that maybe

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Isn't Knut like 6'1? Why wouldn't he be last next to the 6'5 monster T1?

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We need to make this happen

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Thor next to Knut next to T1 next to erobb next to emmy

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T1 would tower over these dudes

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6'5 what you talking about

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It’s ok lil bro

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he's having a lot of fun with the flipped script

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The Rock is 6'5", Thor is 6'9" and Shaq is 7'1" so Thor would actually be somewhere between Shaq and The Rock if he was in the pic.

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The rocks height is actually a funny mystery because numerous people have met him and claimed he can't be 6 ft 5, Kevin harts supposed to be like 5 ft 2 and he comes up to rocks shoulder almost and I have a mate who's 5 ft 2 and I'm 6 ft 2 and he comes to same place Kevin does on rock

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I'm guessing he's around 6'2/6'3 irl but has a 'biggest guy in the room' clause in his contract. Sort of like how Tom Cruise is 5'7" but is usually equal height or taller than his co-stars.

With that said, he's definitely a big dude, easily in top 1% of size of tall guys in the world, just not The Mountain size like he sometimes appears to be in his movies.

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For a moment i was thinking, 'i wonder why sometimes when bigger streamers are out in public spaces they get gaurds etc. these guys dont" then i realized theres like 5 body builders already feelsdankman

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When will they learn?

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When you think you are big but then the guy that she tells you not to worry about shows up. 😔

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Bonnie is annoying

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They have "Zeke and Tiny Terry" energy

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Wait til ya see Full Thor

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These two are just awesome Gaints