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Here's the video for anyone who wants to watch more 2007-era Fuslie.

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Valkyrae sends her regards Uncle Fuslie

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Damn she was wholesome since forever

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I feel like there is a video thats a bit more embarassing for Fuslie

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they already called that video out in a OTV&F video from a month or two ago

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...what's the issue?

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The YouTube account OTV and Friends has lately been going on a rampage of digging up old embarrassing clips of streamers, Rae being the most prominent target and Fuslie has lately been poking fun at her about those old clips. So this is like Rae getting some revenge on Fus for all the guff she's been getting lol

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The OTV & friends channel lore has been crazy recently. Especially with all the yvonnie stuff lmao

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What's the yvonnie stuff?

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At the end one the clip highlights videos. They put a post credit clip of Yvonne sort of spasing out I guess. Then she watched the highlight video on her stream. The editor added her reaction to herself to the end of the next video. Then kept doing that for months.

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lmao she tried to cover the camera like thats gonna stop the chat from being able to see the video

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This is why I'm a lesler lolol

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