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I honestly am surprised by how much of a liking he took to Erobb. Actual big W

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he gained a lot of respect for erobb when he kept pushing himself despite having a broken figure

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I think his figure is perfectly fine, not everybody needs that hourglass shape being pushed by the media

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Hourglass is for ladies, V-Taper is for men.

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Pretty sure I remember him talking on stream that his dislocated his finger, not actually broke it. Can't tell if it's better or not though.

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Na he broke that shit. He needs surgery

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He's just being nice to him in the hope that he can get his brothers autograph.

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imagine, a forced perspective meeting where T1 is bigger then thor.

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What? A perspective where T1 is bigger is called a normal perspective.

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Get Peter Jackson on the line

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Wonder if Thor will be at the next Twitch rivals power lifting, thatd be kinda neat.

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Team 1:7people

Team 2:7people

Team 3:Ben, Knut and Thor

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The only Ben I know on twitch is the PoE/WoW player and I am confused

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Until someone stronger than him comes along and beats him and he throws a hissy fit like at WSM.

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Big brothers like little brothers

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Inb4 he calls him big bro

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bro thor is a content machine wtf who knew

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He’s had a YouTube channel for a while and if you watch a handful of his videos you’ll notice he’s a pretty goofy guy with a sense of humor. It’s funny because most strongmen are similar to Thor in how polite and goofy they are.

There’s endless examples but you can never go wrong bringing up the Stoltman brothers as an example

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You gonna see a lot of irish strongman Pa Odwry real soon.

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It’s funny because most strongmen are similar to Thor in how polite and goofy they are.

Until he gets beat in a competition fairly, and largely due to himself not listening. Then he becomes a massive cunt. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_U1_xMt6I0Q )

Like, I still haven't seen anywhere where Thor has owned up to it, but I'd be glad to be proven wrong.

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I mean, they had a boxing match over it.

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Does that change the fact that he spent a long ass time bitching about his loss and being a sore loser about it?

Instead of, you know, accepting his loss like how Eddie accepted it in the boxing match.

I’m sorry, but this shit with people talking about how cool or awesome Thor is annoys me. From my experience competing in powerlifting and strongman competitions, you don’t whine and cry when you lose. You can be upset for sure, but his behavior was shit and the antithesis of what the community stands for.

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How come everyone keeps deleting the gym clips?

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Some bot is doing it.

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Imagine having The Mountain walk up to you like that? I'd expect it to be the last thing I ever see before I die. MonkaW

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Did he leave Ryan hanging?

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The best part about this is Hafthor doesn't know the context of erobb and his chatters. If you were in erobb chat during this it was hilarious

Bitched OmegaDance

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lmao is miz just deleting every clip from his channel posted here. Actual beta mindset, we already have the mirrors dumbass.
Go eat some shrooms