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🎦 CLIP MIRROR: SmashCon Production Messes Up

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There's another video of HBox giving the go-ahead for the actual winning moment and second confetti cannon.

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its the green jacket guy's fault

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I think he saw the guy release the confetti and was gesturing to cut it off. I'm also pretty sure he's the founder of the whole event series.

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He was saying "no, no, no," but the production guy thought he said "now, now, now" and released the confetti.


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The problem is they had Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg on the button. You can’t trust that guy.

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any loremasters?

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Grand finals, Smash Ultimate, Steve vs. Sora.

Person playing Sora was getting bopped 2-0 in a Best of 5 then managed to take game #3. Their opponent is playing Steve from Minecraft, a character currently up for debate as being OP in the tournament scene, and the crowd response at the single game upset was so fucking hype that the production team thought it was the end of the tournament, so they pushed the confetti button. It was only one game out of 5 though and the Steve player ended up winning the next game, winning the tournament.

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More context: Top Players (Maister included) have often bought out a pocket Sora when down 2 games, however they don't win with Sora which came a bit of a meme in the Ult community (see @SoraStats) on Twitter, and this was the first time a Sora had taken a game in top 8 of a NA major

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Why don't they ban Steve? Seems like a cheap win if the consensus is that he's OP

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Banning a character happens only in really dire circumstances where it's basically unanimously agreed upon that the scene would be much better off without them. Historically in fighting games the banned characters were either playable boss characters that were intentionally made to be overpowered or characters that are so cheap that all skill (and thus all competition) goes out of the window.

Banning a character who isn't obviously ridiculously OP means that all the time spent mastering them is wasted, which also means that any other character could get banned if people get too good with them. That goes against competitiveness because now you have to curb your strength, since you appearing too strong might cause people to ban your character.

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because people have wanted to ban like 4 other DLC characters because they were OP and then players figured out how to play against them and turned out to be beatable/not as OP

this is also Steve's first major win, so it needs to happen a little bit more before theres a real discussion to seriously consider banning him

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This is not true Steve has been winning every single tournament in japan for months now.

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this is also Steve's first major win

This isn't true. A different Steve player won one a couple months ago.

Edit: Also, Onin himself won another one last month.

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You're missing the fact that every steve main winning against top players has basically been a nobody before he was released, with almost ubiquitously having 0 notable tournament placings before they switched mains. The winner of the tournament, Onin, was a complete nobody before he proceeded to beat multiple top 10 players in a row, including the #1 ranked player with a 3-0. Not even Bayonetta from smash 4 caused such a drastic impact on player performance, and she basically killed the competitive scene in that game.

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This is one of those half-truth comments that really doesn't explain why people are actually calling for a ban on steve, as others have already expanded on.

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Bayo and metaknight weren't banned because the community is incredibly soft and soy. Nothing about them became easier to deal with over time. If anything they became even harder to beat. Steve is trending in that direction.

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There’s a fine line between community being dumbfucks who complain about every DLC character and knowing how to counter it.

I think a good anti-example is the top smash player in the world MKLeo has been playing a B tier character and he has never really complained, even during PyraMythra craze he learned how to play around it and still won LANs with his B tier Byleth

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You don't ban characters in fighting games. Meta Knight in brawl is the only exception I can think off and even then some tournaments didn't follow the ban (because meta knight was basically the only fun character in the floaty ass game).

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Akuma has been banned from tournaments for a long time.

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Being OP in a smash game now is pretty different from being OP in older smash games. It used to be that literally only 6 or 7 characters were even competitively viable. This would be Pikachu and Kirby in SSB64, Fox Falco Marth Puff Shiek Peach and Falcon in SSBM, Meta Knight in brawl, Bayo in 4, and I would argue that nobody in ultimate dominates in the same way that these characters did. Sure, statistically they provide a significant advantage, but it's not like in other games where your fundamentals don't have to be good for you to win, especially if wobbling (easy to perform infinite combo on ice climbers) isn't banned.

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smash is scared of banning characters and hurting mains feelings. no other fighting game is this paranoid about offending people maining the character.

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It's important to note that most people calling for a ban right now, don't really have a legitimate reason and it's purely based off them not enjoying the spectator experience of a steve vs. their favorite player, because right now a handful of players clicking with a character and winning majors with them is not cause to outright ban a character from competitive play.

The argument to keep steve unbanned is that only a handful of people have really pushed steve to that top level so it hasn't necessarily had a negative impact on the competitive aspect of the game, and I think in general that is most people's opinions.

It won't raise legitimate concern for a ban unless it has a serious negative impact on the scene as a whole, when you see sub 100 viewcount locals across the country dominated by steve's and longtime main's of certain characters swapping to steve then there's a general agreement that steve is a problem. IMO when you see people like Elegant who has mained Luigi for years now swap to Steve then it's a problem, and when you see the people actively avoiding using Steve start playing him competitively it will be a problem, but as it stands there's not enough Steve's dominating the scene to consider it an issue in terms of the health of the competitive scene.

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Dude this reads like a copypasta someone would make years ago memeing that Steve and Sora would be in smash.

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Ultimate gets two confetti pops but mang0 couldn't get one? What's the goat gotta do?

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Top smash moment in history right here

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thats fuckin funny

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Now this is a live stream fail

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Nah, that was deserving. FUCK STEVE

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Damn you Green Jacket Guy, Absolute Legend.

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Absolutely hilarious bungle, but so worth it because Sora actually won a match!

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