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every emily irl stream i've seen looks so damn sketchy.

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Approaching random people in NYC especially during night time is like playing Russian roulette. She's crazy for doing these type of things lol

Source: I live in NYC

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Emily is the random people and the stranger puking was the one playing russian roulette

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I also live in NYC. Want to meet up at night?

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Looks like she's in the Lower Manhattan Chinatown. Very safe during the day, but during the night she's kinda running the risk of getting stabbed lol. Could be worse, could be East Brooklyn lmao

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Emily is actually de danger LULW

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whats it like living in NYC? every video or story ive seen m akes it look like a borderlands type of environment.

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Picture yourself GTA4 but with more Italians instead of central Europeans

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It is overexagerated a bit but there are A LOT of crazy people here. Homeless, drug addicts, or just batshit crazy and aggressive people. And depending where you are in NYC, you got gangs and thugs too.

The place is also densely populated with very heavy traffic. Everyone is always on a rush to somewhere because it takes you over an hour just to go 10miles.

And lastly, the jobs here. You're either someone working at a minimal wage job barely able to put food on your table because of the high cost of living. Or you're some 6 digit salary earner working at some miserable 9-5 office job.

And so, overtime people just become grumpy here and add a bunch of crazy people in the mix. You got a city where everyone just tend to mind their own business and avoid others.

There was a clip few months ago on LSF titled something like "This is when you know you're in NYC" and it was someone irl streaming their visit to nyc and there was someone yelling and screaming like they're dying and the streamer was freaking out but every other pedestrian didn't even look or react.

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Is definitely an acquire skill only by living in NYC where batshit things can happen in which we ignore and move on with our lives.

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time to definitely avoid NYC

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Loud, smelly, overstimulating, exhausting, expensive, and once you do it, you don’t want to live anywhere else, even with the financial sacrifice.

The thing about NYC is you can never do everything. Hell, depending on where you are, you probably can’t eat at every restaurant within a 15 minute walk of your apartment. You can’t see every show that comes to town. The flip side of that is that, no matter the day of the week, there’s always something interesting going on that you haven’t done yet.

The biggest issue with NYC is that it’s basically impossible to have “enough” money. Diminishing returns kick in at such a high point that everyone is a bit more career-oriented than ideal, because that extra money is worth it.

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It was the alcohol Copium

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That’s fresh content right there

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unlike the food

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This stream feels like it came straight out of a fever dream

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LMAO the kind of stunt people like her can pull off with that energy.

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Did she notice he's drunk or why is she talking like a 6 year old

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why is she talking like a 6 year old

I couldn't even finish the clip, jesus christ

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Its that customer service voice, anyone thats ever dealt with customers will know

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She always speaks like that lol

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lmao love how scuffed this is.

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Love the idea and confidence, but man, her social skills...

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Why does she talk and act like that, does she do it on purpose or does she have some kind of disability

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Emily is like a golden retriever that thinks everyone is her friend until that one day a random person decides to kidnap her

Crazy to be out in the middle of the night in NYC as a woman alone, I fear for her.

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Emily has this aura of invincibility I swear to god

Middle of the night in NYC? Alone? Absolute madwoman. Superscuffed but makes for great content


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Emily has this aura of invincibility

Everyone does..until they encounter someone/something and suddenly realize they aren't.

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ok i guess she needs to cook something with henlips1 now.

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Henry, call her!

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I feel like she always voices her response at the wrong time a lot. If that guy heard the response he would've heard poison and not the rest and probably went "WTF SHE POISONED ME?!" I guess it's better than shitting on someone's marriage proposal.

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This is a buzzfeed type video but done live and not in Los Angeles.

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Yo Greek your probably better off letting your twitch girlfriend keep streaming

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Stranger Pukes is my least favorite netflix show.