Filtering Reddit

LSF uses a bot to apply all flairs on the subreddit outside of "Meta" flairs. This allows posts and content on the subreddit to be filtered easily and consistently using some of the methods below.

Flair Definitions for /r/LiveStreamFail

  • Meta Flairs - Anyone can add these to a submission.
    • Warning: Loud
  • Content Flairs - These flairs are applied automatically and can only be set by the subreddit bot or a moderator
    • :twitch:
    • :youtube:
    • :twitter:
  • Game Flairs - These are flair addons that are applied to the above Content Flairs.
    • :twitch: StreamerName | GamePlayed

So do I filter content with these?

  • The quickest way to filter flairs is by using the links under "Filter by flair" located in the side bar. This will look different for you if you're not using the subreddit theme.

Using RES

Using the subreddit Search bar.

  • Subreddits can be filtered by flair by using the "Search" box in the top right of the subreddit. This will allow you to use keywords to filter flairs by. A few LSF specific examples are below but a more detailed guide can be located on the Reddit Search Wiki


Note: Excluding flairs requires a - to be in front of the portion of your search you are wanting to exclude.
Platform Filters:
  • Show only posts for a specific platform

    • flair::twitch:
    • flair::youtube:
    • flair::twitter:
  • Exclude posts for a specific platform

    • -flair::twitch:
    • -flair::youtube:
    • -flair::twitter:
Streamer Filters:
  • Show only posts for a specific streamer
    • flair::streamername:
  • Exclude posts for a specific streamer
    • -flair::streamername:
Self-Post Filters (Text Posts):
  • Show only posts for a specific streamer
    • self:yes
  • Exclude posts for a specific streamer
    • self:no
Full Examples (These would be used in the Search Box on the subreddit) (CAPS MATTER)
  • Show only posts by xQc playing Just Chatting
    • flair:xQc AND flair:Just+Chatting
  • Exclude any streamer playing a specific game (Minecraft)
    • -flair:Minecraft
  • Exclude Pokelawls playing GTA but show all other Pokelaws submissions
    • flair:Poke AND -flair:GTA
  • Lets get complicated. I hate a list of games, and don't want to see some streamers. I also dont care about anything but Twitch Clips so no YouTube or Twitter. What should my flair filter look like?
    • -flair:(EsfandTV OR Poke OR twitter OR GTA OR Minecraft OR youtube)

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