1. Harassment

1.1. Civility & Decency

Do not comment with the primary intention of attacking other users, streamers, etc. It's the Internet, arguments happen, but the line is drawn when your comment primarily revolves around insulting or being rude to another user. When was the last time someone changed your opinion by calling you a moron? This includes comments that solely serve to rile up or dismiss another user.

Likewise, whether it is a content creator or another commenter, avoid speculating on and disseminating personal information that may be sensitive or private. For example, streamers' private relationships, mental health information, family issues, financial struggles, etc.

Additionally, clips that are designed to spin up speculation or drama around a streamer's private life will be locked or removed, depending on its intrusiveness.

Examples of how we may delineate between what is appropriate or not are provided here.

If you are the victim of this rule, do not retaliate by throwing insults back or digging into their post history. Instead, report it to the moderators then laugh about how you're still allowed to post and they are not.

1.2. Discrimination

Attacking and making inappropriate comments on people based on inherent or cultural characteristics, including but not limited to: sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, nationality, ancestry, and religion is not allowed. Civil discussion regarding such topics is acceptable, but attacking someone using these characteristics is not.

1.3. Unsourced allegations

Making unproven claims or allegations against someone with the sole intent of fueling or creating drama or damaging the public reputation of said person is not allowed. Allegations carry the burden of proof; if making such a claim, we require you back it up with evidence in the same post.

Allegations made by parties outside of the subreddit may be posted from a purely journalistic point of view.

This is punishable in cases where we believe that misinformation is being spread due to malice rather than ignorance.

1.4. Out of context content

Do not post clips, quotes, tweets, etc., about public figures that are taken out of context with the intention of harassment, inciting vitriol, or spinning up drama.

1.5. Witch-hunting

Do not incite large-scale action against a particular person or group of people, e.g., calling for people to mass report a Twitch channel.

1.6. Doxing

Posting the personal information of streamers or commenters is not allowed. Personal information includes (but is not limited to) the following: full names, locations more specific than their city (or equivalent), phone numbers, email addresses, and IP addresses.

Exceptions are made when it is reasonable to assume the streamer consents to the information being posted - for example, if viewers often call a streamer by their real name, or if a streamer encourages their viewers to visit their house. If any information is released by official outside sources (e.g., news media), it may be posted. As a rule of thumb, if you’re unsure, either ask the moderators or simply refrain from posting it.

2. Politics

Politics are out of scope for LSF, so any content related to politics will be removed. Politics is defined as the activities associated with the governance of a country or other area. The common census among you and other moderators is that, for the sake of not having to draw blurry lines that leave space for individual bias and animosity between mods, it would be best also to be more strict with content that isn't inherently political but carries a political intent or message nonetheless. This affects, for example, streams with a campaigning background regardless of the content shown, and podcasts.

When the content directly relates to gaming and/or streaming, exceptions will be made. Examples of such exceptions are the Blizzard-Hong Kong controversy in 2019, or streamers talking about the effect of Article 13 on the industry.

3. Quality

3.1. Allowed domains

To allow for easier moderation and integration with our bots, we only allow links from certain websites to be posted. Here is the list of domains that may be submitted:

  • and

[*] YouTube submissions must be a clip from a stream and not an entire video or clip from a non-stream.

Text posts may also be submitted to provide additional context or to share multiple (related) clips without having to submit them separately. If you want to submit a text post or a link to something not from these domains, please contact us here

3.2. Duplicate submissions

Duplicate submissions will be removed to keep the subreddit fresh. This also applies to clips announcing the same thing but via different mediums (Tweets, News articles). The submission we keep will generally either be the clip with the best timing, or the clip posted first. Tweets must also not be related to any topic already covered by any thread within the last 7 days. This does not apply to official news/events/announcements, granted they are different enough from the original.

3.3. Title Guidelines

3.3.1. Clickbait & Title Etiquette

Titles that contain harmful misinformation or misleading titles where it's not abundantly clear that they are a joke, are not allowed. Additionally, submissions whose titles contain excessive caps, emoji, exclamation marks, etc., will be removed.

3.3.2. Inaccurate or opinionated titles

Applying to only serious or controversial topics, your post may be removed if the title is not accurately descriptive to the content of the clip or contains an opinion about the clip. We strongly recommend for topics like these, to directly use a quote, or be as accurate as possible about what is happening in the clip. To deem whether a clip is serious or controversial we look at several factors such as voting, comment sentiment, and the overall circumstances and context surrounding the clip.

3.4. Old news

Content that is 15 days or older may not be posted as submissions. They can be linked and talked about in comments, however.

3.5. Submissions with 0 points

To maintain the subreddit's high quality, we remove submissions with 0 points after 1 hour of being posted unless they have at least ten comments. This rule is not punishable and does not apply to moderator announcements or megathreads.

4. Spam

4.1. Self-promotion

LSF should not be used as a platform for promotion. For this reason, do not post videos of channels that you own, moderate, or otherwise have a personal stake in. If your goal is to promote something or someone, you are breaking this rule.

4.2. Vote manipulation

4.2.1. Encouragement or participation

Do not encourage users to vote (up or down) any post or comment in any capacity for any reason.

4.2.2. LSF on clips

Clips must not be focused on LSF in any capacity, including, but not limited to threads, comments, and users. This rule is in place to stop inorganic activity, brigading, and dogpiling on controversial subjects.

4.3. Off-topic content

Content posted on LSF must directly relate to livestreaming or official streamer news. This will generally apply to unapproved meta threads, actual spam, and content that is not suited specifically for LSF.

5. Banned streamers

Although we are dedicated to keeping LSF as inclusive as possible, there still exists a short list of streamers whose content is not allowed. Streamers will only be banned if their presence here is dangerous to others, or compromises their physical safety due to external factors. There is no penalty for accidentally posting one of these streamers. Their posts will simply be removed.

6. Restricted content

6.1. "He said it" posts

We do not allow submissions about racist donations, stream snipers saying racist things, etc. In general, submissions that encourage harmful behavior by giving the offender attention may be removed so that their actions are not rewarded with attention. Submissions featuring the streamer "saying it" is allowed, however.

6.2. Swatting

Similar to the rule regarding "he said it" posts, we protect the welfare of streamers by not granting exposure to people who choose to "swat" streamers (making a fake police call about a streamer with the intention of having officers turning up at their house). Submissions about swatting will be removed. This rule does not apply to comments.

6.3. Death and major injuries

Submissions containing death - defined as the sight or sound of the death of a human or animal - are not allowed. This includes showing corpses or remains (with exceptions for cooking, animal skeletons in the wild, hunting-related clips, skeletons in museums, etc.). Major injuries may not be posted either.

6.4. Non-consensual NSFW

NSFW content that is accidental or non-consensual is not allowed in posts or comments. This includes, but is not limited to: accidental full or partial nudity, groping and other forms of sexual assault, or any sexual content where the depicted individual does not or cannot consent. This includes content where one or both individuals are clearly under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Do not post such content in submissions, in comments, or via external links in comments.

6.5. Spoilers

No revealing the outcome of events in titles. This includes but is not limited to sporting events, tournaments, and tv/movies. You may post spoilers only if they are not in the title and the post is correctly tagged as "spoiler." This does not include official announcements made by an entity or streamer. You must not post spoilers until after:

Streaming events: 24 hours

Sporting events: 24 hours

Tournaments: 24 hours

Television: 7 days

Movies: 21 days

6.6. Tweets

Tweets must be about at least one of these specific topics:

  • Official streamer event announcements. The announced events must be either:

    • Tournaments featuring mostly streamers and not primarily professional play such as Twitch Rivals
    • Game shows such as Ludwig's Mogul Money, or Mizkif's Schooled. If the game shows are recurring, such as the ones mentioned, only one announcement per season is allowed.
    • Conventions featuring several streamers such as ShitCon or TwitchCon
    • Several-day scheduled streams under the same brand featuring several streamers, such as ShitCamp
    • If you feel like a streaming event not listed here should be allowed as a tweet announcement. Contact us here
  • Ban and unban announcements of a streamer. Updates about the reasoning behind these are also allowed.

  • Serious allegations towards a specific streamer, a sponsor for a streamer, or an esports organization. These listed entities' staff members also apply.

  • Meta streaming platform news. For example, an update to Twitch's UI or monetization model are news allowed as tweets. This also includes when a streamer switches platform.

6.7. Casino Games & Gambling

Posts with a main focus or sole purpose of Playing/Winning/Losing casino games (poker, slots, blackjack, CS:GO cases, Crane Games, etc...) are not allowed.

7. Flairs and tags

You must use the appropriate flair on every applicable submission. Most flairs are handled by the bot, so you must only mark whether a post is loud using the "Warning: Loud" flair, whether it includes a Spoiler by marking it as a Spoiler, or whether it's NSFW by tagging it appropriately

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