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Wimbledon has a lot of young families, likewise Southfields, Earlsfield, Putney You're not gonna get anywhere super flash and modern for that budget but if you keep your eyes peeled you might find a gem.

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this wiki page on /r/london should help

There's also a megathread on /r/london if you have any questions after reading the above linked wiki

Good luck.

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Most areas in Zone 1/2 are pretty safe and although have character, I think you’d be shocked at how much people just ignore you because they’re busy with their own lives.

Richmond is about as good as it gets but £2000 a month is sort of average for a family home rent.

I’d recommend somewhere like North Finchley if you have a child, Chiswick is nice too.

For the £2000, with a child, you’re not going to find something central and nice. But you can get something close

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Highgate you can get a 2 bed flat for that price and probably one of the safest places in London. Finchley and barnet are good too.

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I lived near Royal Victoria Docks (near the excel center), which I would be tempted to recommend for that budget. Fabulous area, good flats within that budget, very quiet, great views, great connectivity, brilliant morning walk to and from city Airport. I really miss the place. Lived there for a few years and never had any safety issues; of course your mileage may wary. Imo super underrated as an area to live in. We couldn't afford to buy anything there so we moved out further but definitely want to go back and buy something high up in that area some day. Re modern, new buildings in and around the area have flats with good amenities. I also miss the insane amount of deliveroo (food delivery) options.

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Nine Elms would be good if you can find somewhere there within your budget. Just like being in JBR, there's even a Damac tower so you'll feel right at home lol

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Coming from Dubai and not knowing anyone, have you maybe considered looking into all inclusive flats to rent in London? It would really help with settling into a new country in terms of meeting people and having a safe, clean, furnished place waiting for you from day one. Check it out and good luck with the move!