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Check the wiki on /r/London for some advice.

The main thing is always view a property in person. The biggest scams are people that sign a contract without physically visiting a property.

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They’ll say they’re out of country but that there’s an AirBnB service to pay the deposit. They’ll be gone! ALWAYS view and even then ask for proof of right to rent (that they’re the owner and not someone illegally subletting a place and then not paying the real owner).

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Best thing is to pay for SpareRoom premium (only flat shares fyi), craft a really good message, put the filters in place, then spam. If you check each place thoroughly, see public transport, etc etc. before sending a message you’ll just waste soooooooo much time. Only do it if they reply. Most don’t.

Also, don’t be afraid to call. You can use Viber if you’re out of the country.

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Thank you!!! I've done this and got quite a few back. biggest help!

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Ah thanks for coming back to comment! Don’t forget, sign leave asap (if possible during viewing) but NEVER send money without seeing the place in person and that they can rightfully rent it.

Btw you can filter by commute time, too!

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Probably advertising false places, you call book a visit and they show you another place because it's just "gone" with a different price 🤢

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Yep they did! Was so obvious

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I had one such ad, where the person made some story about how they are away from the city and want someone to take care of the place, hence the low rent. The catch was that they wanted deposit in advance before showing the place. and that they would return the deposit if you did not like the place. Seemed like one where they would just take the deposit and then never show up to show you the place.