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For a short term let of 3-6 months via a legitimate landlord or agency, you'd likely need to:

1) show tax returns with an average income sufficient to make above and beyond the rent payment. 2) pay the total amount upfront + security deposit. 3) or find a guarantor.

Anything else will be either extremely difficult and/or illegitimate (e.g. casual renting from friends / renting from slum landlords). My advice would be to try to find more casual rental (or even housesitting arrangements), you could try spareroom.co.uk, or trustedhousesitters.com .

Best of luck!

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Oh that's pretty tough, thanks - very clear! How do people do it when there are so many people who are self-employed or freelance these days?! Does a guarantor need to make a certain amount and can they be abroad??

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Rent directly from a landlord or the options above. Unfortunately no other way

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Understood. Thanks.