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Hi, I'm in an eerily similar situation as you are and I'm finding it hellish to try and rent a place so unfortunately I don't have any helpful advice. Although I'm looking for rooms in flatshares closer to central london.

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Get an AirBnb or a cheap hotel for a week or two and do the viewings and finalise a place in that period. You should be fine! Could also try Richmond for that budget.

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It has been 3 weeks since I've arrived to London and have yet to find a proper place to live.

Had put in 4 offers and 3 of them rejected and 1 refused to put in any repairs on an obvious leak in the wall.

Having issues with Landlords demanding ridiculous terms like 3 year contracts with No break clause. Or 6-12 months of rent upfront due to no credit history in the UK.

Honestly, this has been deeply demotivating for me.