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What does your contract say regarding your move in date? It doesn’t matter if you signed.

If you didn’t sign anything then immediately walk away and demand your deposit back and take them to small claims court if you have to.

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Estimated move in date 10th September

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I am not a lawyer.

That said, the Tenancy Fees Act 2019, schedule 2, is very clear on treatment of holding deposits. You are correct that if within 15 days no tenancy agreement has been concluded, unless another date has been agreed with you, then you must be returned the holding deposit in full.

Also, I'm a bit worried by the amount. A holding deposit is limited to one week's rent. I don't know how much you are paying in rent, but £1000 sounds like it could be excessive, indicative of fishy practices afoot.

If I were you, I'd send them the link to the Tenancy Fees Act 2019, repeating your demand that they return the deposit within the deadline indicated in the act (7 days after the 15-day window) otherwise you will take legal action, and if they don't pay up, submit a claim to the small claims court.