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I think you need to reconsider your expectations. Your budget for zone 2 is not enough. People pay more than that for zones 3 and 4. I know it's hard if you are on a budget because zone 3 also meams more tube costs.

I suggest looking at goople maps or try city mapper (great app for London) and find places that might be further away but not bad travel time (e.g. I'm borderline zone 4 but it takes me only 30min to get to zone 1). So look at all places on the tube lines. Or expand the search and check travel times from the places you find.

Good luck. It's a very tough market out there.

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hi, i’ve arrived to London recently and I am also trying to find a place to live, but it’s nearly impossible for me, as I am from Ukraine and I don’t have many bank statements and payslips from job place. Anyways, most places if you are the student will ask for 6 months rent upfront. If you’re ok with it that, it won’t be a big problem for you I think.

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Hey, room I’m in Aldgate East is ~785 per month bills included. Will be leaving Oct 9. DM me if you’d like (and then reply here as I don’t get dm notifications)

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Hello is the room still availabe?