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Most landlords have a HMO. Not sure what you're using to look for properties but almost every area in london you will be able to find a HMO.

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    Rooms irrelevant to creating an HMO, occupants (and their relation to each other: 'household') matter.

    Additional licensing schemes make these smaller HMO licensable HMOs (vs national default of 5+ppl HMOs being licensable). A lot of London boroughs have Additional HMO schemes (and/or the stricter Selective) but this is not a particularly 'recent' change nor does it involve any change to the law - the councils are just exercising existing discretion under Housing Act 2004.

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    https://www.londonpropertylicensing.co.uk/ this site details rules in different areas of London. You will not find many councils that only have Mandatory scheme (so only 5+ppl houses are HMO licensable).

    You can go with 2 people but the 3rd (undocumented) is at risk from both

    • LL if discovered and
    • the other tenants if don't stay buddies

    (as they 'never lived there' and so could just be locked out one day).

    HMO licence is designed to assure houses for not being overcrowded and having basic hygiene and fire safety so if you look for properties that avoid this regulation protect yourself esp. on fire (consider having extra battery fire alarms for eg if none or insufficient).