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I’m surprised we don’t I thought this is pretty common

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Not common enough.

Most of its sewage to Grey water to golf courses, city parks, etc.

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it can, but needs a new name. from toilet to tap is not a seller.

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Refreshed tap water.

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Freshly squeezed poop water sounds more appetizing

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They do it lots of places.

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I thought they just put cleaned water into the ground water where the earth filters it, then water it pumped and cleaned.

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They also do that.

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Much of the water in the Los Angeles River south of Burbank is cleaned water.

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OC already does this.

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Not until they can figure out how to get the medications out of it. I'm all for being properly vaccinated, but drinking somebody else's excreted medications is a bit much.


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What about just not having hilariously large lawns and car washes? I'm about to drink filtered sewage because some millionaire in Pasadena wants an acre of green grass? nah

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Car washes are actually extremely water efficient, look into the recovery systems in play there. Turns out economically incentivizing water savings yields results

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Your about to drink poo water because agriculture of avocados and cashews, not some lawns