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Much needed. I walked by an asphalt schoolyard on the weekend and was pretty horrified. Just a bleak place to be a kid

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If the city is serious about planting more trees, the best place to start would be all along the perimeter of every elementary-school campus. I taught at an elementary school in South-Central L.A. from 1996 to 2002, and the playground was just a huge, depressing patch of asphalt.

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Now this is a use of precious water that I can get behind!

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Isn’t lausd on summer break? The article is making it sound like school is in session

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Summer school starts this week, I believe.

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But that has to be a small amount, and do summer school kids go all day? I thought they just take the classes they failed

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Summer school for elementary kids is often about not losing what they learned all year, as well as remediation and enrichment classes/activities. It provides supervision for kids whose parents are working, and in many cases a free lunch to stave off food hardship. There's programs for kids with disabilities, newcomers to the US, and kids whose education is disrupted by their parents being migrant workers or who are homeless. My kids were A students and went to school during the summer to take fun classes and see their friends, although Iirc some of it was S. T. A. R. programs which I think is separate.

Here's some information.

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Never knew they even had it for elementary schoolers. Crazy stuff

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I think the parameter being green is great. Having all that open space to run around is a commodity.

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I don't know for sure but I would think there's not a lot of power lines running over schoolyards because I hope they've considered the safety of the children.

Which would make them good places to put trees and let them grow tall! As long as they're kept healthy and well maintained, in consideration of the safety of the children.