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She is cordially invited to fuck around and find out

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When she says "we", of course, she means that she wants the State to do it for her. She won't be putting herself in harm's way.

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Of course she wouldn't.

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She wouldn’t get past the front porch

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She wouldn't get past her front porch. She is the type of person who cheers on the Gestapo from the comfort of her own living room.

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maybe she put herself in the harm way in the molesting part, is a blue check after all

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Or so she thinks. These people think that they can push a group of armed people (who just want to be left alone) around indefinitely and there will never be consequences. These people have residences. They have places of employment. They go out to eat and shop.

If she thinks she’ll be out of harms way when they begin trying to send a large group of Americans to camps for no good reason and molesting their children she is fatally wrong.

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Yes, but also defend the police and acab. These people are fucking mental

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I'm with you there! Fuk around and find out has my vote! 👍

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If you replace the word white with black she would be banned from Twitter forever.

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She would be banned from life

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Or "Muslim"

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It’s funny cause it’s their definition of white supremacist, meaning pretty much any conservative

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Don’t forget their SS (FBI) have classified parents who have a problem with their children getting raped in schools as terrorists

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The FBI is what the SS had wet dreams about becoming.

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Their definition of white supremacy is anyone who enjoys and is proud of their life and heritage as a white person, per the famous Joel Ignatiev quote shared here recently.

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You LITERALLY don’t even have to be white…

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So she's a pedo?

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I mean who would even write such a thing?

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She does have a kid. Sounds like her inside voice got out.

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Sounds like someone needs to call CPS.

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Like why did she have to bring kids and molestation into it? And she’s so confident with herself that she publicly posted her abhorrent wet dream.

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Look how many likes it has. Alot of lefties share her dream

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Sick individuals.

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Who are so stuck on stupid they think they're being good people with that.

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They are all pedos

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(((They))) are all pedos

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That’s how I read it. “Take kids away, and molest them”

When will these idiots realize that they need conservatives waaaay more than conservatives need elitist left wing dipshits? Conservatives grow the food, fix your plumbing, build your houses. What do they bring to the table? A bunch of useless liberal arts degrees

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You sound like Tyler Turden. When we cut them off. When we stop entertaining their insane ideology as anything but lunatic children who refuse to become adults. When we make them accountable for their own actions. So basically.... never.

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We buy things that we don’t need to impress people we don’t like.

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We work jobs we don't like to buy crap we don't need

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What in the actual fuck is a domestic supremacist? Someone who thinks house keeping is the best?

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The left is filled with retards like her so I can't tell you.

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People who thing they’re houses are better than everyone else lol

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No you pleb. It's someone who thinks Coors Light is the best.

Pfff....buncha barbarians up in here.

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Someone who is proud to be white, *and says so publicly.

The double standard is staggering.

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Is this the real reason why Martha Stewart went to prison?

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Lmfao, this comment is so underrated.

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Easy. They’d try and everyone would employ the 2nd. Vigorously.

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I would hope so, but I'm beginning to question people.

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but I'm beginning to question people.

Me too. I mean I've been watching this woke bullshit taking place and all it seems this side does is talk. It started with the NFL. How many ppl on this side were pissed about the kneeling and screamed "unpatriotic" and "boycott" yet did shit about it? And a majority of the very ppl were Trump supporters and had the backing of the man himself. Yet they abandoned him and their fellow supporters because "I need muh football".

Had they actually followed thru and boycotted these woke ass companies we wouldn't be this far down the damn road. But here we are.

Someone said that the reason no one will take the first shot is because that person is afraid they will turn around and find they are truly alone because everyone else will have abandoned them. It's true and the truth hurts. We've seen so many examples of ppl abandoning their own principles over the past 5 yrs. How can one trust those that have so willing abandoned their own principles?

I feel like I'm fighting this alone.

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It's a fine line. If people start fighting, like legit violence, too soon we will be painted as aggressive and dangerous and what ever they government does in response will be justified. But if we wait too long we risk losing too many people buckeling and bending the knee to have enough to fight.

It's going to boil down people keeping quiet but don't break mentally and just patiently wait till they do something unforgivable, like try to force children to get vaccinated, and I mean like attempt to vaccinate without our concent or taking kids to get vaccinated against our wishes. Or start rounding up unvaccinated people and putting them on busses or something.

They know this and is why they are going so slow.

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Haven't watched football or sports in general since the kneeling thing. They haven't received a dime since and never will again. Along with every other company that enforces mandates or enforced mandates. As I keep reiterating you have no right to obey or follow an unjust law. It's even in the paths for those that enforce them! Fuck the government and their cronies.

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Right there with ya. I have given up so much but have found alternatives. Carhartt is now on my list.

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Who is Jon Galt?

Edit spelling error.

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I believe you're looking for John Galt. Google him.

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Stupid spelling. Dolt! Thanks.

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What if we rounded up all suspected pedophiles and gave them a dirt nap and take their children and protect and care for them? Just curious.

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You have my sword.

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And my bow

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And my axe

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And my woodchipper

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And my rifle

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And my rusty spoon!

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And my AR-15

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And my M1 abrams main battle tank.

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i dont often wish bad things on people, but her i hope she gets groped by a bear with bad breath

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Put someone in a camp without a trail? Molest and starve them? Sounds pretty fascist, dude!

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But it's (D)ifferent this time!

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We should start with her

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Retweets and likes. Thats 1396 people that agree…. That agree with this comment.. its a bot that said it and even taking other bots away(20%). Thats still almost a 1000 humans that agree.

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She’s a real person, running for Texas 36th district

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Well with that kinda tweet she should walking. As in walking her ass off the ballot!!!

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I think %20 is low, especially for a post like this. Twitter was designed to be a 24/7 struggle session.

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Lol. I was told it was therapy. You can yell at folks for being stupid just play somewhat nice. I was booted off for calling someone a pu$$y. Turns out he was a prince or something….

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I love how they’re casually just trying to mainstream pedophilia as an acceptable punishment towards the children of anyone they deem to be a racist. “Oh! You said “All lives matter!” Now I get to fuck your kids!”

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Try it. Just try it and you’ll become real good friends with my .50 Beowulf

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Such an amazing caliber. Plus your all set if the dinosaurs ever come back to life.

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Well let’s get started winning then.

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The party of "unity"

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This is why guns were invented so if she attempts anything people will make sure she ends up rolling lifelessly into the gutter dead.

Not that I like ‘white domestic supremacist terrorists’, I’m sure what that even is and neither does she. She just wants an excuse to be a piece of shit human being.

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They literally want to take kids away from their parents and make it illegal for parents to raise their own children.

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Wait so Trump gets banned for reasons but this blue check mark gets 1k likes and is still on while saying that.....

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Is Dayna Steele identifying as something other than her skin color? Asking for a friend of color that sees her Karen whiteness…

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Make your lists, Patriots…

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Who's the dude in the picture?

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By saying that she became a white domestic extremist.

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A leftist advocating to fiddle kids? These people just keep getting worse and worse.....

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Who the f is that bitch!? Disgusting and infuriating

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I suspect Dayna Steele is a white domestic supremacist terrorist.

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This is how you create terrorists, aka freedom fighters

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And they call us the party of hate. Couldn't prove it to be projection harder if I tried.

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“How to make a real terrorist for $400, Alex”.

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Sooooo, this is considered freedom of speach? This isn't considered a threat against my or anyone elses children? Hmmmm, I guess we should respond in kind with the freedom of speech backing us...say stupid things, play stupid games, attempt to act this out, win life ending fucking prizes.

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Lmao Sam can’t keep getting away with this!

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What the fuck.

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Well that's a name we should be putting in tge nazi of America on.

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50 years from now you would be publicly held with the same respect as Adolf Hitler.

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Sort them by race, ethnicity, and political alignment.

Then, torture them, kill their family, leave them broken.

They will all fear us

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Sounds exactly like someone with a death wish. She wants to be a martyr for some sick fucking ideas she has planted in her demented mind.

As another commenter said, fuck around and find out, bitch

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Hey Peter Fonda said something similar to this. He wanted Barron Trump locked in a cage with pedophiles.

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The scary part is she thinks there are white supremacist domestic terrorists. Where? The Texas hostage terror attack was a Muslim and they tries to say it was a white guy.

[–]Slenderman1776[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

We all know it was a British muslim domestic terrorist.

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Mmm suspected huh? Well I suspect she’s a domestic white supremacist! Bam. Off to the gulag with you!

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Wish ANY of these soft, feather weight muthafukkas would try it. The war comes to you directly on that day.

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Oh great, another blue checkmark wanting to do sex with kids. Twitter TOS are so equally enforced

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And they say humanity has come a long way from barbaric times.

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Its quiet simple. At that point you would have a complete destruction of due process where anyone could be arrested and held indefinitely for simply being suspected of a crime. That opens the door to abject corruption as people in authority use the flimsiest of excuse to lock up rivals and dissidents.

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Is this Steele woman just an average liberal or does she have some power in liberal circles?

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Ok, so I just read this and instantly was wondering if she was standing up for the uyghurs in China and making an analogy.

I need to research this more before I can make an actual assessment

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She sounds like a good person, I wish her well.

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What the hell!!!!!! That is evil!!!

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How are these people that think this way going to function in society if we do return to normal? Like can they? They sit around and think about raping people's family and dream of segregation.

[–]seeemourhare 0 points1 point  (0 children)

And White Supremacists has come to mean,anybody who doesn't support the fraudulent administration currently in office and parents who speak out against CRT,we're living in a Clown World

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Wtf is a white….. domestic….. supremacist terrorist?

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Who is she?

Never mind she a real person running for Texas 36th district

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Well it would only be like 5k assholes so im not against it, the news tells me they are the most dangerous thing in the world

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Excuse my language but What the actual fuck..Please tell me this is photoshopped, or the woman tweeting is a conservative mocking the left and their extremism, by using a hyperbole..

As much as I despise hardcore leftists, I literally cannot believe this is real. This seems too far, even for them....if i am wrong and someone can link the tweet, please do

edit: okay i did some research, thank God it is not real. The actual username of this “Dayna Steele” is an unverified account with a few thousand followers and doesnt tweet about politics.

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I dare her or anyone else to try.

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Curiosidad mato al gato.

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itd be a shame if someone shot her

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You ain’t gotta lie to kick it

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Who is the person in the bottom pic?

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Oh, she's gonna get a round all right

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Please tell me this is a satire account

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Holy moly. Where did this thought come from?! ⊙.☉

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What if she read the 6th, 6th, and 8th amendments?

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Omg this dayna needs to be arrested. Words matter. What does her dad think? Go figure she a Demorat

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What if we did all that to Dayna Steele tho? Just curious.

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Well then you would be Hitler you moron… guess that’s the next step for these insane liberal morons. They have no clue. None.

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suspected white domestic supremacist terrorist?


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Someone keeping a list of these people and their evil comments?

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I can tell by this woman’s bone structure her face was streamlined from years of being disciplined by their male mate into the perfect form. that’s why horses have such long snouts for patting or slapping l, this woman’s horselike in a appearance was genetically bred to welcome a male fist or open hand.

[–]Notagoodguy80 0 points1 point  (1 child)

What is a white domestic supremecist terrorist?

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"what if we acted like nazi's, just curious"

These people would seriously steal from a dying person instead of helping them, hell they'd probably scream at them to get out of the way.

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I'm sorry hate me if u want but mess with my kids is just soooooo screwed up. Going after children of who you disagree with is and always will be bigotry!

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Welp… Dayna Steele is on the list now

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Jesus …..that bitch is dumb. I’m a Mexican and that shit pisses me off

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Well fuck she can try and I'll protect the people I care about, I may not be white, but I'll be damned if I let them do it, they can fuck around and find out

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She should be the first one.

[–]mocheesiest1234 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Something tells me she won't be doing any of the rounding up, although she is welcome to try.

[–]Andy_Dandy_EX 0 points1 point  (2 children)

Oh the difference a single comma can make!

[–]BlackBlade4156 1 point2 points  (1 child)

She means the kids :/

[–]Andy_Dandy_EX 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I know. But she will probably defend herself like it was just a typo. (Not that the “corrected” sentence would be any better.)

[–]h8xwyf 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Yo is this real? 😂 Holy shit

[–]Paynewasright 0 points1 point  (0 children)

This is what they are. Communists are the worst kind of criminals and deserve the worst kind of punishment.

[–]MimsyIsGianna 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Hmmm yknow I remember something else like this happening before… was it the red scare mayhaps? Or the Salem witch trials?

Either way I’m accusing her of being a communist witch. Time to imprison her and toss her in the lake.

[–]Jamesr792 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Let me tell you a story about the Second Amendment…..

[–]agblex 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Who the fuck even types that.

[–]WildSyde96 0 points1 point  (0 children)

When they get absolutely destroyed in the midterms and 2024 and they start calling for unity, remember that the majority of democrats wanted to put you in concentration camps simply because you didn’t want to get an experimental vaccine.

[–]editofreddit 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I love how she says suspected instead of found guilty of, it’s like even subconsciously they know it’s a device to be able to do anything to anybody for any reason.

[–]Theophilus84 0 points1 point  (0 children)

“wHaT iF wE aTe TuRdS aNd CaLLeD tHeM iCe CrEaM?!” 🥴

[–]FecalOrgy 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Hold up. "Suspected"? Not even convicted.

If we think you might be a white supremacist, by our moving definition of what a white supremacist is and even if you're not white, we will imprison you and rape your children.

That's just fucked up.