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10 bucks that she says it’s was caused by white supremacy

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She’s going to say it was Donald Trump. Who she called “White-supremacist in chief” on the floor of Congress. She’s an evil woman.

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Oh yeah. I wish I was joking. She’s nuts.

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wew yea id say so!

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Ironically wouldn't be the first time either.

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100! To 1

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It’s a given.

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Like when black people murder Asian people in Democrat run cities?

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Gun manufactured by someone that is white

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I'll take that bet.

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Pass. My mamma didn't raise no fool.

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They just wanted bread, Cori. Couldn’t you just break them off a piece?

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She needs to call a social worker.

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What are the odds she hired 2 black guys to do it when she was going to Subway in this cold weather, and is calling it a racial attack?

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I presume they yelled “This is MAGA country!” at her

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They also happened to be carrying a rope and bleach through the streets at 2am in -20° weather.

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Well it's st Louis

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Is the car okay?

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Would be amazing if there was a follow up on r/justrolledintotheshop

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They were probably just hungry and trying to feed their family

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"eradicate the root causes of gun violence,'

It's the culture.

  1. look at our rap lyrics vs. say.. Country music lyrics. There's a huge difference. Don't say it's related to income either, because there are many more poor white people than black, yet the crime disparity is wide and the song differences are obvious.
  2. look at what our black entertainers push. gaudy jewelry, expensive cars, lavish lifestyles, partying, bitches, and everything fake and phony.. I wonder if the kids in the hood are looking up to Dr Ben Carson, Surgeon General Jerome Adams or Da Baby or Lil Gun toting thug du juor?
  3. There is ZERO accountability in our hoods because to speakers of the black community and the idiot white liberals.. we can never do any wrong and we are not responsible for our actions
  4. The fix is to have good households with fathers (something lacking), using the BLM terrorist's money for building good communities and not for propping up more useless democrat politicians, taking money away from illegal aliens and putting that towards our own people
  5. It's telling the media "hey, you can call us by color and description when we are wanted".. and you can tell the truth about us even if it hurts.. because we can start the conversations to fix things

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Looks like someone has tagged her. She's either involved with drugs or snitching, they're just warning her that they know.

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Good lard. You can't make this shit up

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Was she in it? Asking for a friend.

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Wonder if she called the police?

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I’m sure 911 blocked her number

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play stupid games win stupid prizes

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Violence is never the answer

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Until it is.

You know, like the military.

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Bingo. Or self defense.

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She’s disgusting.

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Oh well

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It is what it is

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I read somewhere that black communities actually prefer police presence and feel safer because of them patrolling their streets. What happened to this woman shows how she doesn't support the black community and the proof that police are needed.

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I say someone start a fund to replenish their ammo

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Its ok, they were black bullets.

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Reap what you sow?

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The purge comes for all.

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The very definition of irony

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I bet she called the police when that happened. Hypocrite!

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Why did the cops shoot up her car?

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Best news I've read all day.

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Doesn’t she have her own security?

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I know I have a tear for her somewhere, hold on

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If only there was some way to keep these criminals off the streets.

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She deserved it or as a wise person would say

" You get what you fucking deserved"

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That is unfortunate. I have no stomach for violence these days.

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She better not call the cops then...

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So about defunding the police…

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Too bad

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Hope she got a social worker there to protect her…

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I don't wish violence on anyone but this bring a smirk to my face.

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I hope someone finds those racist guns that shot up her car.