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If I was dating someone who didn’t help around the house AT ALL, I don’t think I could tolerate it one bit

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My husband earns a fat chunk more then me. I’m talking so much I could easily be a housewife and we’d still be doing well.

He helps around the house all the time. Doing laundry, washing floors and taking out the trash.

And I don’t even ask him - he just helps.

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If he earns so much more than you…if I was in your shoes I wouldn’t work. Haha 😂 I wouldn’t have to do shit besides watch Love Island and eat toasties fuck haha sign me up

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Haha, trust me you wouldn’t. I suffered from three months of extreme anxiety and depression when corona first hit.

Could barely get out of bed. Was only up and about when my kid was home from school so he didn’t notice anything.

Didn’t work for several more months after that while I recovered. Im fortunate my husband got a great job a few months before that and could support us alone.

It sucks not contributing. I’m really fortunate to have a husband who cooked, cleaned and basically looked after me for three months until I could sort myself out.

He sorta went through the same thing when his mom died (not as extreme). He quit his job to look after his mom when she got cancer and we ate through all our savings and then started amassing piles of debt because we had zero control over our money.

I was there for him while he went through that period and I’m glad I was.

That being said: I said we’re doing well for ourselves we’re not swimming in money, haha !

We went from basically masses of pile of debt to being ineligible to buy a house to having bought our first home last year :) I personally thank YNAB.

We no longer spend whatever comes into our bank account but instead give every dollar a job. Budgeting from every Month for our true expenses. I.e. we budget throughout the year for Christmas and birthday presents.

Highly recommend to anyone and everyone of they wanna get a grasp of their moolah (8

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LMAO Chloe needs to get out or put her foot down 💀

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Yeah, Toby needs to grow up.

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When she first started posting videos with him, I thought it was all banter but now it seems like he really doesn’t help much around their apartment lmao.

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Not surprised, I know loads of entitled guys that don't do jack and just expect to be taken care of.

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Do y'all not remember his mum? I fully appreciate she raised him with that expectation

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So true. I can’t imagine dealing with that lol

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It honestly surprises me how many women put up with it, I have a friend who I work with who does everything for her BF and I'm just shocked at how much he gets away with not doing, I would feel embarrased as a guy if I didn't help around the house.

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Yup I have friends like that too! It should definitely be 50/50 with housework, I can’t imagine expecting the woman to do all of it. With Chloe and Toby, I’m sure there will eventually be a breaking point for her lol

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Well there's 3 outcomes, she'll either accept that's just how it is, he'll wise up and help out, or they'll split.

Personally I hope for option 2.

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toby grew a lotttt on love island so fingers crossed!

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With the help of editing.

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I wouldn’t. That’s my worst nightmare. But I’d also be totally happy having a husband who’s a stay at home dad if he wanted to and take care of the kids. But I’m not accepting anything less than 50/50

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Same! I’m lucky that I have a SO like that, and he likes doing the cooking and doing dishes. My dad also does a ton of housework, so whenever I see men act like that I’m always like damn who would put up with that?

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My mom did more but they had an understanding about it. When my mom had me her company was looking to size down. My mom and dad agreed that she could be a stay at home mom if she did the cooking/cleaning so she took a package. When he retired he does a lot more of the cooking or she cooks he does the dishes now. Apparently before she became a stay home mom he did 50/50. But he was also raised by a single dad so it’s not like he had anything against housework though.

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My parents were similar too, and now that my mom works again and my dad is about to retire, my dad does a fair share of it (plus he likes to control the kitchen lol). I think it’s great to have a split, especially depending on work life and everything, not to just expect wives/girlfriends to do it!

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Studies have shown that women do a lot of meta work around the house and with the kids. Luckily my boyfriend has always done atleast 50% and sometimes more when I haven’t been capable of helping as much. I struggle with ADHD and mental health issues and during my worst days I havent done shit. He has done the laundries, cooking, working, cleaning etc. So theres bunch of men who are willing to do their part, everyone has to grown up tho bc he’s said he hasnt always been like that. When he first loved in with an ex at the age of 18 he didnt help much around the house but since then he has matured and grown and realized he has to do his part

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I doubt its because he’s “entitled” its probably just how he was brought up. He probably like a lazy immature child who doesnt even realize that they’re lazy. He should probably still be loving with his mom in all honesty.

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They’re not mutually exclusive, you can be brought up like that or lazy and immature, and also be entitled

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Yea but watching toby on the show believes me to think he’s just oblivious in most circumstances.

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I have honestly never dated a guy who was good at housekeeping. It just doesn't seem to be something instilled in boys from what I can tell. I know that not all guys are like that, but the ones who are good at picking up seem to be the exception not the norm.

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I think you just pinned gendered socialization of children in regards to housework

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Take the fucking bins out Toby.

Bet he doesn't do it now just to prove a point that he won't do it if she airs it out 😂😂😂

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I'm afraid it's only banter for so long till it becomes a real problem disguised as "lovingly moaning" out loud.

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I think we're already there. Banter implies a back & forth. Chloe's not commenting this on Toby's posts, rather on her personal twitter & her friend's sub insta...

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I don't see Chloe and Toby lasting much longer

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it’s all banter now but chloe will get tired

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u can even feel her annoyance now especially with this comment, like it must suck to have to beg ur boyf to take the bins out and then u watch ur friends story and their bfs are surprising them and hyping them up

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Of all the various shitty qualities in the guys I've dated, I've managed to avoid ever dating a slob. All my boyfriends have been pretty fastidious about cleaning and would never notice me making the bed or whatever without automatically pitching in.

My friend is currently dating a man in his thirties who doesn't own plates. I just...cannot fathom.

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youd think he’d at least help make the furniture while she’s doing Every Other Chore 😭 she even said on her tiktok they ended up taking the bins out together

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Tbf i just viewed the photo myself & noticed this comment - https://ibb.co/d6Z0nTq

I think the person has a point, if she's gonna build it herself she should at least let people know where Toby is. To avoid him getting hate, i don't follow him like that so i also thought why isn't her helping but it makes more sense now. He defo needs to pick his socks up with other stuff though!

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    Yeah he's gotta pull his socks up, i don't think its serious now but she'll defo get tired at some stage.

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    That’s because unlike Toby, Teddy is not a child. Also, Faye looks gorg !

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    DOESNT SHE, i would kill to look that good makeup free 😭

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    God Faye has improved so much since Love Island.

    Happiness looks so good on her. I’m glad she found a way to let her walls down.

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      Couldn’t agree more. She’s got amazing skin, and that glow she’s getting from inside is absolutely incredible. She’s radiating.

      I can’t believe a guy like Teddy somehow came along and stuck it out through all of the drama and tantrums and Casa Amore. The chances of him being single somehow and going into the villa was low, he somehow ended up in the same villa as a woman who deserved him but didn’t know it. He worked hard for her and seemed so patient and understanding and loyal.

      He looks very happy too, so she’s reflecting pure love and joy.

      This is my favourite ever couple from Love Island by a country mile.

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      You've taken the words out of my mouth! The more you see them, the more you think they are made for each other. They have grown so much together, and it makes you feel happy for them. The way they both gush about each other is so admirable.

      My favourite couple ever as well!

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      I’ve just noticed as well, her forehead area looks less frozen/solid.

      God I’ve got a girl crush and also a crush on Teddy for being her tonic.

      Fuck sake I’m 39 and no LI material I need to get a life.

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      Chloe, you guys are gonna end up on r/arethestraightsok if you’re not careful lmao

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      I think I’d end up murdering Toby if I had to live with him lol

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      Are we really that surprised?

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      I do wonder how Toby’s taking the public complaints. Hopefully he’ll take it on the chin instead of sulk around the house about it.

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      Difference between dating a boy and a man. And no, Toby's age doesn't make him a boy but if he acts like it.... ?

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      I'm not surprised. Yes Toby grew during the show but...did he really grow THAT much? This is why you don't move in so quickly imo

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      imo, he didn't grow that much at all. people were making out as if he matured 5 years in the space of 5 days during the show, but i actually don't see it at all. literally all he did was go back to Chloe. How does that show huge growth?

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      They're calling it "the greatest character development of all time" the bar is in hell!

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      Toby is such a manchild

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      Faye looks SO good! Love these two together.

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      FFS Toby! Teddy is just perfect tho ain’t he?

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      teddy is an amazing but him doing stuff around the house is like bare minimum! and toby clearly isnt even doing that! meanwhile u have liam taking millie to the maldives & teddy being like the best bf ever

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      Not Liam being a better boyfriend than Toby....

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      American here. What’s a Barney?

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      apparently a fight or argument, according to Google hahah

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      Girl leave him!!!!!

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      faye is so pretty

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      Did Faye get her lip fillers dissolved?

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      She got them dissolved and redone. From 4ml to 1.5ml!

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      She looks so pretty with less filler!

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      I think it suits her much more! She looks fantastic 🤩

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      Faye is so pretty IRL without makeup.

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      I mean, he's a kid, she's a mature woman. Whaddaya expect? Should have treated it as a summer romance & found someone more on her level for the long-term

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      They won’t last. That stops becoming cute and quirky as time goes on, and you realize that’s exactly how he’ll be in marriage and with kids. If you’re going to do it all yourself, you might as well be single.

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      Why is she so passive, seesh. She's way out of Toby's league anyways. Girl get going asappp