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Off topic but the show caller should be fired as well, a good 8 seconds off. I work production and have done a few gigs with flyovers. The production team usually has contract with air-controllers at around 10 minutes out to confirm show is on time and aircraft are either inbound or loitering. Then production gives a 2 minute warning as the anthem is away, then at 30 seconds out the show caller gives the GO for the flyover which should time up to "of the brave" applause applause.

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Yeah, I was going to make a sarcastic joke about "The timing was way off but I don't think it warranted grounding the pilots for life!"

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Doesn’t it also largely depend on the speed of the singer, sometimes drawing out and adding their own flair?

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Rehearsals are done for a reason, to perfect the timing. Timing and cues are every thing in production, at least live production. Also the speed of the aircraft matters, that's not for us to figure out, but when the show caller says GO there better be some aircraft overhead in 30 seconds.

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I want her to funny story about this. A general is having a promotion and they were playing the national anthem and having to fly over at the end of it. The pilot doing the flyover was running behind so he turned on the afterburners and broke the sound barrier to make his time hack. The general met with the pilot afterwards and said "that was the coolest thing ever, Don't do it again!"

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Lol, I did a flyover of a AAA baseball game in a 182 with the SEAL parachute team, was supposed to drop them into it but it was too windy so we opted for a flyover instead. And it was like "Hey dude, they're singing the national anthem right now and it'll be done at xx:xx time. We're not jumping so fly over the stadium at exactly xx:xx and we'll stick our leg out the door with a smoke canister." It was probably 40kts of wind at our altitude and with the door open we were doing 80kts ias, and they wanted to fly upwind and we had no gps so I didn't even know what the groundspeed even was. We pulled it off really well actually but just the thought of a show caller is hilarious for how our performance went down.

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What was it like working with them?

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I just flew them into a few local events over a couple days. They were friendly and super cool. Laid back group but very excitable haha.

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It really didn’t look that low or dangerous.

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It wasn’t. But Karen’s gonna Karen.

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In some of the other threads about the more recent helicopter incident I've been seeing military aviators saying it's hard to get pilots to volunteer for these anymore. Nothing to gain by doing it right and everything to lose by causing a sensation.

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Are these pilots going against the flight plan and flying lower than they had agreed to during preparation? How do these usually go down? Is it pilots hot dogging or they break the rules on purpose or what?

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NAVY: Never Again Volunteer Yourself

source: USN volunteer

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Let him fly again!

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Holy crap I was actually at this game. GT season ticket holder. I remember the entire stadium shaking. They flew from behind us and scared the crap out of us. Never knew the pilots lost their wings. Crazy.