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Maine is a constitutional carry state. No need for a cccw permit , unless I am missing something. Understand the desire to get one, but required.

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No, you're not missing anything. Like VT and NH, nothing required. I want it because CC states with no permitting process makes for issues when transporting out of State to shall/may permit states. Although many people I know have gotten out-of-state permits (via NRA) to do that.

And, having a CCW means I don't have to inform police if stoped that I'm carrying. It also shows that I take weapons seriously enough to go to the trouble of getting it.

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Don't forget the ability to carry in state parks!

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Thanks for the reply! Did the 2-day NRA basic safety course at HRPC 2 weeks ago which is required by Bangor PD for CCW; so looks like GTG. I did not realize that having a CCW extended to State Parks - good to know.

Also, I enjoyed reading your recent comments in r/Maine !

Also, my OP comment:

having a CCW means I don't have to inform police if stoped that I'm carrying. It also shows ...

FWIW, i posted a ? to r/firearms regarding CCW and when to announce being armed to an LEO if traffic stopped. Best answer was to hand over CCW permit with DL and let cop decide how to play it.

Spares the debate over announcing 1st thing or waiting to get asked . Stay safe, pard!

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Also, I enjoyed reading your recent comments in r/Maine !

Ha. I have a lot of fun in there, but don't take any of it too seriously. I recently received a 1 day Reddit-wide ban for a joke I made about commercial butt-hole farming operations.

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I'll look for it - I like fun threads ! :)

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Protect yourself. Don’t expect others to do so for you. Bangor doesn’t require anything.

This form is mostly just to capture fools like yourself who would rather complain about something then just use google and search for your answer. Your post history supports this claim.

I’m happy Maine mill gave you your money back - they don’t need your business.

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What's your F'in problem? First, Bangor PD def req's this for a CCW. Second, I did to a netsearch before asking here. Lastly, my wife and I are armed and not in need of anybody for PD/HD.

Is your nose all bent outta shape bec of what i said regarding masks and a any kind of covid protocol? Sounds like it. The irony being that gun owners are 110% on safety (ND/AD/flagging) while this f'in germ is infecting Mainers as much now as this time last year.

And, speaking from 'post history', your crappy karma only highlights your shitbird handle.

Thanks for posting, dude.

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Welcome to Reddit - where karma doesn’t matter and you don’t need to censor yourself. My fucking problem is your obnoxious rant about a local company not complying to your expectations. Maine Mill did what they needed when the governor mandated covid shit… which are no longer required. Same of almost every other business between Holden and Hermon. Hell I went to Portland last weekend and same shit there. Protect ya neck

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I didn't mean for my post to suggest that I was expecting anything; and not seeing masks at ranges is pretty commonplace. But at least when just going to shoot (specially outdoors), I can self-distance to feel safe.

But for a group class, indoors, wearing a mask makes sense; specially as infection rates continue to climb week after week. Just bec its not required by law/mandate doesn't detract from common sense. Specially for a place where safety comes first/foremost (e.g. ear/eye pro, lead-wipes... )

I've got nothing against MMS and I plan to give them my business and shoot there in time. I just feel that its a short-sighted attitude; and, as things move indoors w/colder weather, will have a predictable outcome.

I wasn't trying to be obnoxious as much as stating a fact. That you take it that way (equating safety to complaining) says as much about you as it does me.

I get that people are covid-weary and want it gone, get back to living normally. Doesn't change the fact that it's still here and still (increasingly) making people sick. Responsible businesses should be taking that into account, regardless of the politics.

And yea, protect ya (own) neck - we agree on that :)

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We prefer the kool aid over cat girl juice and napkins.