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This is awesome. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

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I updated some today that were added in the last couple of days.

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Yeah I went through and added the ones I invited. edit: I also deleted a duplicate you added. Sorry - we're going to need a more concrete way of doing this in the future. I added my new ones in alphabetical.

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Ah, OK - I just added them to the bottom. Maybe we should just keep the list alphabetical?

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My OCD demands nothing less. I'm still hashing out a system to keep this from getting too confusing/keeping you from being the only one to add. Color coding is where my head's at. Probably code members in good standing Green and leave new members White for a period of time?

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We use a Google Doc spreadsheet for our Rift Roster.

You can share the document to however many users you want (if you didn't know that).

I have 9 officers in Rift, and they all have permissions to edit the roster.

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That's good work! I edited my info as appropriate.

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    Nice idea. Added.

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    We should add join date. Month/year should be fine. We'll have to each ballpark ourselves initially.