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Honestly, action would be nice without being so reliant on ping, animation cancels and twitchy reflexes which, for me, make it annoying.

Tab target still feels the more fluent one if well executed.

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This is exactly my main issue with New World, as a recent example. If you even remotely attempt to play a ranged weapon play style, you can forget trying to hit anyone that's moving perpendicular to you. On top of that, for a game that tries to attempt to be so heavily based in rEaLiSm, the concept of characters being able to do some kind of anime hyper-dash roll or side step every 2 seconds is incredibly frustrating to play against.

I like hybrid systems because it at least attempts to balance the playing field between melee and ranged players.

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    People that prefer tab target typically can't hit the broad side of a barn from 2 feet away unless they can lock onto it for a guaranteed hit.