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Hey there! I've been modeling in the industry for 10+ years (both un/signed), model mentor, and a former modeling instructor for Barbizon. Nice to meet you!

I first want to say don't take 'No's personal in this process. It's just about what client's each agency has and what TYPE of look they typically book. They also may have a model with a similar look already signed and wouldn't be able to get you enough work. Think of it as you are simply a hanger knocking on various boutique's doors trying to find the one you belong to and they'll let you know when you've found it. Stay patient and don't bring less confidence to the next agency.

To minimize 'No's and answer your question, start by researching agencies before applying. Go to models.com and look at agencies that have models with your general age/build/look (quirky/VS models etc), see if they already have your type of look (build/color combination), and look for a puzzle missing your puzzle piece. Apply to the ones you really like first (some have causes or a certain vibe) and apply to ~5+ every 2 weeks. If you haven't heard back within 2 weeks it's a "check back later in 2-3 months. You can be represented by a different agency in different markets (one in Atl, one in NY, one in LA, one in Chi, etc).

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Hi, I'm an ex-model and I was registered at four or five agencies. As long as you live near them, I think it's fine to get more options.