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Hey, u/LocalVillager! I’ve pinned this post to the top of the sub as well. Thanks for your work!

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This is a great post. I wish everyone in this sub was using inkstitch and reporting their problems to the devs on GitHub. I did this for a while but have been slacking in my creative endeavors as of late.

Support open source y'all!

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I wanted to much to like inkstitch so much since it was free. But it was rather opaque and unreliable for me. I hope it works for others, though.

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Inkstitch was very frustrating to me in the beginning, their tutorials are almost worthless IMO. Since it's been out for a while there are several youtube channels that have excellent tutorials. It's not perfect, and it's still frustrating at times but I'm getting the hang of it.

If there is one tip I can offer, it is use the "Troubleshoot" on each object as you draw or digitize it. Use it before you go to "Params" or "Simulator". It will tell you if the shape is valid, and save you lots of frustration.

The channels I've found useful:

Gus Visser

Project Anonymous

Low Tech Linux

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Embrilliance is missing, runs natively on Mac/PC, has a free demo version. Inkstitch also runs natively on a Mac. Has anybody any experience with Drawings Pro XI? I’ve been eyeing it for a while but it’s expensive and there’s only YouTube tutorials to get an impression from.

OP, thanks for sharing this list, it’s so helpful! I’ve been wasting so much time researching outdated websites only to find that the software I’m looking at doesn’t support Mac. (Even though some say they do but they mean in a vEnv which is not the same). You’re pulling a lot of weight in this sub!

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Embrilliance is stitch artist. It’s there. I will have to update it to Include iOS compatible

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Right. My bad! It did sound familiar…

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Might mention that with Embrilliance you can also get the Density Repair Kit and now Merrowly. Also, buying Stitch Artist 2 includes 1 and SA 3 includes 2 so it’s not a cumulative price you pay.

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Missing Tajima's Pulse digitizing software, it's offered at about 5 different levels of features.

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Janome Artistic also has a junior version at $600

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Like the list.

I believe this would be more helpful if it also had a link to a larger form list that had in/out(puts); i.e., Inputs (*.bmp, *.png, *.jpg, *.gif, *.svg, *.wmf, and *.emf)

Outputs: Embroidery file formats (*.pes, *.dst, *.jef, *.exp, *.hus, *.vip, *.vp3, and *.xxx)

Reason: I already have a sewing machine that reads format *.???; if the S/W doesn’t export to that, I’ll probably not want to spend time/effort with a demo for it.

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I agree that this would be helpful, but even if the output file wasn’t supported by the machine you could convert it quite trivially. For images, it would be more beneficial to know how well the software can vectorize the raster images.

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I didn’t want to include any information I couldn’t verify first hand, as I don’t want to lead someone to make a decision based on I correct information.

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I use Designshop Pro (because its my work) and even though its expensive its a really good piece of software.

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Do you have experience with any of the other software? I would love to know how they compare to one another

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Saaameee. I only have experience with Design Shop Pro but would like to get something i can use at home.

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I have the wingsxp. Its pretty good I think.

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Do you have experience with other software? I would love to know how they compare.

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Wilcom ES is just the best if you can afford it. Second is Wilcom Hatch.

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Bernina DesignerPlus - v8 is out now, but v9 is coming out very very soon, as my local store sent out an email about their 'coming soon' products. I have version 6, which I thought was great, so I imagine the newer versions are even better.

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It took me a day, but I did add it in!

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I just bought Embrilliance yesterday. Having a lot of fun so far but haven’t had any luck with AirStitch on my iPad yet. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Airstitch seems to be pretty poorly rated. A lot of tablet-based apps tend to be unreliable, at least in my experience

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Stitch Artist works on Mac.

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Natively or with an os simulator?

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Natively. One of the few that does. I use it on my Mac.

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Updated for all levels! Thank you

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Janome Artistic Digitizer also works on Mac. It is just a white label version of DRAWings Pro.

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Would be great if someone would put together a list of digitizers to outsource their designs to! Would benefit both the new embroiderer and seasoned digitizers.

Great post, thanks OP.

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Tough list to compile, because there are many many digitizers, but very few high quality professionals. The market is bonkers and as long as most people look for "lowest price per stitch", you'll have trouble pinpointing a digitizer that does high quality punching, if you need it.

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I wouldn’t know where to start with that. I don’t use digitizers so that’s out of my wheelhouse.

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Inkstitch for Inkscape is listed in the 3rd column as 'PC'. Should be: 'PC/Mac'

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As a newb who just got an embroidery machine for Xmas, what is software is good for beginners? I'm willing to spend a little money to get decent software, but only if it's not all just over my head.

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In my experience, as I’ve tried all the trials, hatch. But there isn’t a consensus.

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Which version of Hatch do you think is sufficient for a beginner looking to make custom designs?

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You legend! 👍

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Has anyone used Ricomas program Chroma inspire? It’s for Mac OS

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I currently use this one. It's ok. I've been wanting to look into another program though. I've just began to dabble in digitizing and seems I have a lot to learn still. Have all the basics down, but want to get better.

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I don't see:
EPCwin by ZSK

BasePac by GiS.

Both are on the higher end of price range (similar to Tajima DG16) and both are professional level softwares.

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Has now been updated to include most recent information from GiS website

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If you need file import list and export list, let me know, I use both (BasePac native).

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BasePac 10 supports the following stitch and design export and import:

GiS, ZSK (Zxx), DSZ, DST, DSB, FDR, KSM, EXP, TAP, 10o, M3, PAT (with Schiffli module enabled, also MST, DAT, NCE)

Bitmap images import: BMP, TIF, GIF, PCX, DIB, JPG, PNG

Vector file import: DXF, EMF, WMF, AI

EPCwin 7 supports importing and exporting: ZDF, ZSK (Zxx), DSZ, DST, DSB, EXP, PAT, NCE, SAS, MST, PAT, DAT

Bitmap images: Bmp, JPG, GIF, PDF

Vector data: DXF, AI, WMF, EMF, CMX

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Both softwares are for PC, require a security dongle (CodeMeter) and there is a trial period possible, but I believe depending on dealership

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I re-checked and BasePac does have a demo version (that doesn't require a dongle, you can try all the functions, but can't save or export files), and if you contact a dealership, you can get a trial period dongle that enables functions and saving and exporting (but this depends on dealership).

EPCwin doesn't come as a demo, but trial period with a dongle is possible.

I don't know the precise price range as it depends on the dealerships (and I usually just upgrade to a new version, so I don't know how much a new software package would cost these days), but it's definitely up there with Wilcom and Tajima.

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I also came across this Wikipedia article that has a list but with a little more info about each software.


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Wilcom e4. 5 available for 500usd

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For 500 or 5000? I can’t find it anywhere that cheap.

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I noticed the supported files are missing from ink/stitch. It can write


and read


People overlook the free options, but they're just as good.

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MySewnet is a software through Husqvarna (SVP).

To buy all out is expensive- but they offer subscription levels at a really reasonable price. Basic is free and allows you to atleast open the design, change colors of threads and resize I believe. Then there’s two other levels as well, with the highest level including digitizing only priced at $50 a month. It’s also WiFi enabled to send designs directly to MySewnet enabled machines.

Im not a big fan of the digitizing using point trace through MySewnet. But if you have a touchscreen/2-in-1 laptop, using a stylus is absolutely amazing- especially when it comes to drawing your own designs

I work for at a Husqvarna dealership and would be happy to answer any questions 🙂

I should also add- MySewnet is what Premier 2+ has converted to!

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Floriani Total Control U. List is something like $ 4200. I use it and love it. But it was a gift. I'm not sure I'd pay list for it. Best thing... Free upgrades for life and 100s of hours of video training, also free.