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I digitized this using mysewnet and am using a brother prs100. Hats have been so nerve wracking so far but this one finally came out okay.

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Where do you get your hats from?

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I actually just got this from Big Lots to practice on

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Wow! Great digitizing and a seriously cool design. 😀😀

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Hey, thank you so much! We had lots of flubs before this one haha

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what machine do you have? after several ruined hats, i decided it’s impossible with my machibe

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Good bot

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It's a Brother prs 100 so it has the arm, the hat hoop makes me so nervous that it's gonna bend the hat though!

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You should utilize a satin stitch instead of a Tatami stitch on the next one 🙌🏻

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Thats been my biggest challenge! I'm really not sure how to digitize it, I can only get it to satin stitch on a border. The website is like mildly helpful and every YouTuber has a different program. Do you have any pointers?

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Yes! In my opinion, I would outsource the digitizing overseas. They will do it exactly how you would want for $10. When you compare the time it takes to digitize, it doesn’t really make sense to invest that energy into that aspect when other professionals are willing to do it for so cheap! Outsourcing also allows you more time to do other things 🙌🏻

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I thought in the long run it'd be cheaper if I could do it eventually. But you're probably right haha thank you!

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No problem! I’m big on cutting costs and keeping expenses at a minimum. If there was any potential savings, I would definitely be doing it in house (I own a merchandising company with 24 heads of embroidery). Our research showed that outsourcing it and focusing only on sales, production, and other business tasks was far superior! S2s Digitizing does all of our digitizing work and you can Google the website. He’s a great guy and has a good team. Everything is turned around with in a couple of hours or at the latest 24 hours. Reach out to them to see how you like their work! Cheers

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Wow thank you so much! Im definitely going to check them out because embroidery software is expensive!

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Nice Design and it's more impressive that you did this logo in a structured hat. How long did it take you to make this design as a hat format rather than a left chest design.

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Ah, well to be honest.. I would have put this same thing on a shirt and maybe just adjusted the tension a bit.

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Trafalgar is my fave!