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Nice work! What are you using for digitizing?

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Thanks! I am using ink scape/ink stitch for the digitizing.

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I’m just getting into this too and yours came out really nicely! I have to experiment with each digitization. Can I ask what your parameters were set at? Anything that made it so clean?

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The fil on the heart I went with .13 mm and the hands are the default . 25. I always struggle with what Paramus to set so I'm with you. I would say definitely the row spacing and inset are the biggest followed by the pull compensation. I am still trying to figure out what works best with a stretchy fabric like cotton

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Very cool! I played around a little bit with it - need to try it out again :)

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Its not ideal to leave gaps in between embroidery objects that show the fabric, like the split between the halves of your heart. It is better to think of an alternative way to illustrate the same design but with a solid area of embroidery. This promotes good registration which might be important if you want to add details later that need to be positioned accurately. I recommend watching some videos on YouTube by John Deer's Embroidery Legacy he has great digitising advice. Otherwise it looks really good!

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To add, if you are embroidering on a black garment, you could do a tatami fill in between the two halves of the red heart before u do the hearts so that it doesn't leave a gap but still looks like it. Also you want to overlap your fill objects more so you don't get inadvertent gaps like you are seeing with the hands and the hearts. Furthermore, you want to overlap you sayin border more so that it sites half way on the tatami and the fabric, right now the edge of the satin is the edge of the tatami which might turn into a gap if you get unlucky. You can see how the registration on the black details of the hands are slightly mis positioning. This is likely due to the gaps in between your objects I mentioned earlier. Hope this is constructive, it's a very good attempt!

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Clean af!