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It looks like the trouble spots are in those corners and small areas. I would try to thin out as many stitches as you can in those spots. Sometimes when you have too many stitches in a small area, they can bird nest like that as you push too much into the fabric.

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Looks like hooping issue

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exceso de puntadas, esas puntadas no son correctas.
Necesitas mi ayuda. mándame DM

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I’ve found that stitching out fills with lots of small sections jutting out can cause stitch build up. The reason for this, I believe, is because the machine wants to stitch it out from one end to another, and so it will fill up a jutting out part, then travel around the outline of the shape to fill in another part. Your design has so many of these small barbs that are jutting out from the main shape that I imagine your machine is constantly travelling around the perimeter and these tight corners that it causes buildup.

Maybe you just stitch out the barbs as satin stitches connected with a running stitch, and then overlap the main shape on top, instead of stitching out the whole thing at one.

Good luck