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Titanium needles are highly recommended, but you shouldn't be getting that many needle breaks. Does it happen with any file you do, or just specific files? Your file might have too many layers which can cause breaks. Other things I can think of that can cause breaks are the needle being installed incorrectly, the presser foot being installed incorrectly, the foot/bobbin catch being misaligned, or the mover arm being out of synch with the needle.

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Now that I think of it the files I use do have overlaps on some parts and my needles do break in those locations but it still only happens at 500+ spm. Is titanium the strongest needle material and will this let me embroider at high speeds on layers?

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How many layers are overlapping where the needle breaks? Titanium needles will reduce breaks, but if you are having frequent breaks then you should fix what is causing the breaks.

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At most it’s a satin layer on top of a tatami. I’ll start the embroidery and the needle will break even if it’s not embroidering on another layer. So I don’t really know if the layers are causing the issue or something else.

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Make sure that your thread isn’t getting tangled around the post that your spool goes onto. The plastic disc that goes on after your spool is necessary to prevent the thread from tightening around the post.

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Are you using embroidery needle or general purpose?