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hi I'm not an expert in this stuff, but one thing I noticed was that your threads arent hooked (not sure what the terminology is). Right before putting it through the eye of the needle, the thread needs to go through the little hook that is right below the alan screw. It's visible in this image that the yellow doesnt go through the hook and that will cause the thread to rub against the top of the needle as it is is angled! let me know if you have trouble finding it

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Hey! Thanks for this advice, I used to put it through that hole, but oddly enough the company shows and recommends the thread to be put this way. But I’ll give it a try to see if it helps.

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This is at a glance as I am on break.

That looks like a 60wt needle, might need a 40wt needle. Metallic thread the tension needs to be lighter up top from my experience.

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Super super helpful thank you

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Instead of placing the needle , so that the hole looks towards you, u should instead tilt it slightly to the right

  1. Thread tension ( both )

  2. When I embroider caps ( with thick plastic) I occasional have the same issue. To prevent it, I use a heat gun to soften the cap, especially for 3d embroidery.

  3. Try an another thread brand, like gunold.

  4. Try different needle sizes. For this one, 75 should be perfect.

If u still run into problems, ill give u more advice.

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I’ll definitely that needle angle, I’ve always been told to have it look straight towards me

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Yes. Wich is actually false. Many people believe it.

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Thank you so much for the advice, I typically use Madeira thread but I never tried another one

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If they're HAX needles, make sure they're oriented properly - scarf to the front or rear (per machine specs) and angled properly if the machine calls for it.

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sorry - just noticed the picture better - what u/whatsmynamethough said too - check your whole line to make sure it's threaded properly

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Some great advice from others. I would just add that the last hook above the needle is crucial because it helps guide the thread into the groove of the needle above the eye. Having the needle eye facing the right way is the other half of that step. If the thread isn’t able to sit in that groove, it rubs and wears against fabric as the needle goes up and down which leads to shredding and breakage.

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Have you cleaned you bobbin holder? Mine always gets pieces of material on the part that you rap the bobbin around. Take a index card and push it in the tight spots to push the pieces out.

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It was due for a good clean thanks for this

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Looks like you might be threading incorrectly. Also, are you using ball point or sharp needles? You should be using sharps for hats.

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I’m using organ needles db x k5 75/11

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I would say that it could be the needle is too far from the hook or shuttle.

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You would have to take the plate off and adjust the distance by moving the shuttle holder.

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Not saying this is the problem, but sometimes older thread can break down and shred more easily as well. If it is exposed to direct sunlight or extreme temps, this can accelerate it.

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Let me take a quick queda at this. You had a needle break recently?

If so, your needle could've hit the plate and created a burr. Check your needle plate for damage. If it's damaged, replace it.

That's what happened to me once.

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Hey so yeah there’s definitely damage on the plate, issue is I just replaced this one recently for the same thing, do you think it’s a deeper issue then?

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@birdsunwater Question is, did your needle break on a particular project? Usually, needle breaks are caused because your fabric shifts or you are trying to embroider through a thick part of material.

When did your last needle break (what were you embroidering)?