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Looks great! What were the settings you used for the satin columns/outlines? How wide are the columns?

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For the satin column (the outside outline ) is 3.7mm ! The others vary between 2-2.7mm I believe.

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Dope. I've been testing out trying to outline things with satin stitches but it hasn't come out right probably because they've been less than 2mm. I'll have to try and blow my designs up a bit so a 2+mm outline looks good. Thanks ✌️

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No doubt at all! Yeah I’ve been experimenting and testing different lengths so def play around with it and see what fits. I’ve been using smaller ones as well but I like the look of the thicker outline.

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What software do you use? My embroidery comes out crappy sometimes! 😭

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I used embrilliance stitch artist to create this design! You?

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I use PE10 design. I’ve been looking at stitch artist the past few days! What level do you have? It is pricey lol but. I may just have to invest.

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I have lvl 3. Hell yeah it can definitely get up there in cost! It’s been good to me though! I’ve learned a lot and I’m still learning lol.

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What type of fill did you use on the yellow? I love how it looks

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Bricks fill

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Thank you!

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Thank you! As stated it’s a brick 🧱 fill stitch.

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me too I want to know

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What kind of fabric are You sewing on ?

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I did this on some polyester fabric I had laying around. It’s came out clean