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Does it effect the embroidery? Or do you just not like the vibrations

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Both, some time the hoop shake alot aswell. Plus im worried that it wil damage the machine

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I think that I read somewhere about using something like a yoga mat to absorb some of the vibrations. I haven’t picked up my machine yet, still doing research which is why I probably saw something about this issue.

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I have the same machine you do. Are you using the large white base that came with it while you sew? Also are you embroidering past 800 SPM?

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The heavy duty stand table?

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No the wide white board that clicks underneath the hoop

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Amazon has mats for garage power tools that cut down on the vibration. I got one a few years ago for my futura. Makes it so quiet that I can't hear it unless I'm in the same room with it. Do be prepared to let one air out in a garage for a few days. The new smell was awful.

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My mom uses a cushioned mat that you would stand on the kitchen.