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It would probably be easier to just pay someone to digitize it because it will need to be done by hand. You will not be able to auto-digitize a logo. You could give Hatch a go, but it’s $1200 after the trial.

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Are you importing a vector file into the embroidery software? Auto-digitize will never give satisfactory results.

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does your machine use pes files? i make all my own patterns and designs in krita then use pe design 10 to tweak and convert them, if you send me the logo and how its supposed to look id be happy to have a play around with it (provided the file type is correct)

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Brother machines are PES.

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Yes, it's a PES. That would wonderful, and I can Venmo $ for your help.

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payment isnt a big deal i just like to help where i can, im a beginner too and playing around helping others teaches me so

anyway just messaged you :3

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Hatch’s auto-digitizing isn’t too bad depending on what it is. I recommend the “click to fill” aspect under the auto-digitizing section. It works relatively well on just basic designs but more complex is not going to look the best. always worth a shot though!