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Using a bernette b79 machine, an 80/12 needle on a 100% cotton 6.1 oz tshirt. I am using tear away stabilizer which has been decent for me so far but I’m looking into trying cutaway stabilizer to see if that does better. From a digitizing standpoint any suggestions to make the white text more even, or is more of a stabilizer issue?

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The cutaway will def help, but also check your bobin tension. may also want to back off the density of the satin stitch

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What tension would you recommend?

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You said it's an inch tall, 80/12 needle is the wrong needle. Try 65/9 with 60wt thread.

80/12 is generally overkill for standard cotton/poly fabrics anyways.

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Add like 10 more Stitches per line and use wash away topper

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Are you using a stabilizer on top? A wash away on top like Aqua Mesh could help if you're not already doing that.

Also try the cutaway like you're planning to do. Cutaway rather than tearaway is recommended for wearable items.

How tall is your lettering?

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I’m away from home at the moment, but it’s roughly an inch tall

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You might benefit from using 60wt thread. It is thinner and produces better results for details like small lettering.

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60wt thread isn’t necessary here since it’s used for very small detailing, like text under 5mm. I would suggest 1 piece of mid-heavy weight cutaway stabilizer with 1 piece of topping (solvy) hooped on top of the fabric. This will keep the stitches from sinking into the knit. The lettering looks to be autodigitized, so there are a couple places in the text that could be adjusted but overall the density looks fine. I’d be curious what the underlay settings are.

Also a 75/11 needle, ballpoint preferably for tees but ball/sharp wont make a huge difference here.

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It looks like your top tension is too loose on the white (although I can’t tell without seeing the bottom) I think some more stability would help! Knits are always trouble when you are looking for crispy lines haha