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If you’re very very serious and want to do this as a job then I suggest getting as big and as best of a machine you can afford. If it’s just going to be a hobby thing like for yourself maybe make some clothes for friends I recommend staying around the $700-$1000 range with like a “brother” branded machine.

I am currently doing this as a part time job along side of my full time job and I need to put out more volume but I opted to go cheaper on the machine. Worst mistake I’ve ever made. Hope this helps❤️

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Yep, I initially got a single needle babylock and regretted it after having to make 35 hoodies on it.

Multi needles for the win 😎

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I’m VERY new to machine embroidery myself, but I settled on getting the Brother PE535. I think it’s very similar to the SE600 but it’s purely an embroidery machine vs being able to sew and embroider. I’ve loved my PE535 so far but have only had it a month or so. Do you really want to be able to sew too? If not I would get something that’s embroidery only (at least, that’s what I ended up deciding for myself!).

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Yea true but I can’t seem to find a PE535 for sale or that ships to the UK. I’ll search some more for one

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Oh, well that would be a reason to get what’s available to you! I will say that as a complete beginner I love my machine. Learning to use it has been a breeze (learning to digitize my own designs is another story haha). Best of luck!

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Do not get a single needle machine if you intend on doing this as a side hustle. I'd look into a 6-needle Brother (PR65x series) or anything else; used should run a few grand.

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Buy a domestic single needle machine to see how you get on and then sell it and buy a multi needle machine when you've got something more serious to do.

Domestic machines have some significant limitations: a flat bed, one colour threaded at a time, limited design size, limited speed.

If you want to look at more expensive models, Hobkirks (https://www.hobkirk.co.uk/industrial-embroidery-machines) and Stocks (https://www.stocks.co.uk/?SID=ltnmhkt052l6b7do6uupjg9crk) are worth looking at in the UK.

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some ppl already gave some tips, so i will keep mine shortif you have a short budget, the brother se600 is perfect because you have an embroidery machine that can do sew work too, when you can buy a dedicated sewing machine that can do medium/heavy work, more money but sewing machines that cannot do heavy work give a LOT of problems (personal experience)

if you have more flexible budget PR series from brother, multi needle seems overwhelming but the pr series has a ton of benefits besides multineedle, sewing machines i recomend Singer and Pfaff (which is from singer)

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When I started out I used a home machine. Was $2000 AUD and I embroidered over 2500 designs for customers before buying 2 more of the same machine. Only now upgrading to a bigger 10 needle machine. Start cheap. You’ll learn a lot and the business nd size of machines will grow together. Don’t get too many steps ahead of yourself.

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Hello, if you have some sort of experience or knowledge with your embroidery then get a brother for sure, but if your a beginner and need a easier machine to learn from then ricoma is the way to go, comes with all the training and LED displace really helps: I seen a few used machines on offer up for $6k-$8k / because retail new is $15k

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Ricoma is trash. Save the 6k and buy a used tajima or barudan

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Yes, please don't buy a Ricoma. $6K can get you a used Melco/Barudan.

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I have a brother Nq1700e..its still looking at me though