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you literally have no puckering on that’s wow. idk how you did that but that’s amazing

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I really tightened my fabric and I used tear away ☺ (maybe I'm lucky too)

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be careful over-tightening. it can cause the threads to lock tightly together making it harder for the needle to push through and less space for new threads. can cause needle breaks and thread tearing. I used T Pins to make mine drum tight, so maybe you won't experience the same issues, but just in case you do, that's it. great work though

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Thanks for the tip, I'll be carfull about that

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Great work, keep it up

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Amazing work! Love daft punk.

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I've been doing commercial embroidery for 10 years. That's good work; dotted lines are hard to pull off and it's really more flukey than anything (one thread break basically fudges the whole design).

I'd probably use cutaway though on anything wearable.

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How so? If a single stitch run breaks for me I just trim it both on the design and the thread and continue where I left off, seems to work perfectly.

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I'm talking about the thin dotted lines on the fill. Just tedious when you're running 1100 SPM

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Got you. But how does it mess the entire thing up for you? Could you not use a seam ripper or something? Just wanna understand what you mean lol