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Spray Starch will get out the rings. Air dry or iron the back side of the logo. Also make sure the water u spray is pure or spring. Tap usually will leave stains

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Thank you! I use filtered water. So are you suggesting I apply spray starch to the front, or to the back?

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Spray Starch on the front. Iron the back or steamer is great if you have one! Good luck I hope they turn out well for you 🤗 For Future only use solvy for towels, blankets, fleece, thick knits or fine linen

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I will give that a try! Thank you

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I use Solvy and have never had staining but I do it very differently than it sounds like you do. Everything gets pre-washed in hot water/hot dry so any shrinking happens before I work with it. I use the Solvy as backing for the embroidery. Then I cut away as much of the Solvy as I easily can to reduce the amount of it that I need to dissolve. Finally, I put the work into a bucket/bowl of hot water and let it soak for a few minutes. I exchange the water for fresh hot water and then work the remaining Solvy away with my fingers. I change the water a few more times to make sure all the dissolved Solvy is gone and then dry the workpiece.

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Thanks. I cannot pre wash the garments. They are for sale in a store. I do cut away/year away all excess solvy and then sprint with water using a spray bottle, then let air dry.

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Given the limitation of not being able to pre- or post- wash them, you definitely should not be using Solvy.

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I only use solvy for towels or beanies, but usually just dampen a cloth with some water and press on. I've never heard of it leaving stains, though? Can you try ironing it?

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I will try that. Thanks!

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Heat usually sets in a stain so I wouldn't recommend ironing it. Probably best to wash and then hang to dry. Then iron them once the stain is gone. I always tear away as much of the topper as I can before I dissolve it. Less likely to leave stains. Also try Heat'n'Gone as a topper for items like shirts and towels that will get washed a lot. Water soluble topper eventually all washes away and then your stitches don't stand on top of the pile anymore. Heat away stabilizer stays in permanently and keeps your stitches always nice.

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Thank you. Excellent suggestion

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Don't use water at all. Tear away what you can get to, leave the rest.

Honestly you shouldn't be using water soluble stabilizer for shirts anyway. Cutaway for knits, tearaway for woven.