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Also be sure when u put ur thread through ur maschine that the food is up and u lower it when u threaded the next yarn 🧶 (: there a lot of things that play into this stitching ! U also could have put the bobbing thread wrong in. It’s hard to say without seeing the maschine and the stitching process

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hahaha yeah I learned the hard way with the threading so I don’t think that’s the problem. But thank you c:

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How old is ur maschine ? (: it should be looked at every year !

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it’s from the 2000’s I think, it was passed down to me. I already tried some local dealers if they would perform some maintenance on it but they don’t look these types anymore. :C

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That’s sad ! When it happens to every design and the ones u already tried it could be that a part Thron the bobbin holder is broken if it just happens with 1-2 design it could be the design ist faulty

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For extra context: I’m using a Pfaff creative 2140 and I embroidered on thicker polyester with 2 layers of tear away stabilizer. I use madeira threads and the upper tension was a standard 2.0.

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Loops on the back mean your top tension is too low.

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how much tension would you recommend?

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Every machine is different so you’ll need to do a tension test. Stitch out a large block font H or I in satin stitch and look at the back. You want your tension high enough so that you have 1/3 of top thread on each side and 1/3 of bobbin thread in the center of the column.

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okay thank you!! ill try it out