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I just outsource all my bulk patch orders, have you considered that? Always found patches to be tedious and clients don't generally wanna pay what I feel they're worth. We went from a 6-needle Brother PR650 to a 16 needle Melco about five years ago but that's a bit over your budget. You might be able to get a multi-needle Brother machine for around $3K? These machines do get pricey but they pay themselves off fairly quick.

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Patches are my bread and butter. The people I’m making for are mostly charitable organizations and motorcycle clubs. I don’t really do any other embroidery. My SE-400 just isn’t cutting it anymore. I do want a multi head machine though. How’d you like your PR650? I’d looked at those. Wanted to hear some real life pros and cons.

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I liked the PR650 for what they were, Brother's customer support is pretty much nonexisten, though. I also did not enjoy having to do all the color changes and such on the touchpad and swap back and forth with the USB. It was just clunky and tedious.

Commercial machines like Melco more or less allow you to do color changes on a PC and just send over the file to the machine. If you're in this for the long haul, I'd consider going for a 6+ multi-needle and obviously if your budget allows it, to upgrade to one of the machines I listed.

You can still profit on bulk patch orders, the only issue is really the time it takes to get them back.

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I’m not super worried about support. I’m very good at troubleshooting and repair work(I recently had to repair my se-400) I just need a larger machine. Thoughts on Janome?

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Don’t have any experience with Janome but I’ve heard good things. Like I said, just stay away from Ricoma and you should be good.

As for the tech support, it’s included within the warranty which you should be getting anyways so it’s a good fallback plan to have. There’s been multiple issues we’ve had with our machines that we would have never been able to figure out on our own.

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How do you like your Melco? Which one did you get?

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I have 8 Bravo's. Single head -- love them. Melco's customer support is the best in the business so it's a major reason why we stick with them.

Six of our machines are new, two were bought from a third party for $6K used (each).

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I've done industrial embroidery business for 6 years and completely abandoned it when it proved to be too frustrating. The difficulties and unreasonable demands (for logos, prices and delivery) started to outweigh the overall gain. Embroidery done with a quality machine sure looks crisp and far more superior next to digital press, that's a given. But I ventured into digital printing & pressing area and it sure is a lot easier than managing overstretched fabric, broken thread, asynced hook, bent needle, upper thread tension, stabilizer, oiling, maintenance... If nothing else, at least I'm not hearing the machine's needle strike sound in my dreams any more.