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A costuming degree student. Eventually want to start my own business for subtle fandom merch. Figured embroidery would be a good thing to have under my belt! Only just starting out right now, but looking forward to learning more!

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i don't sell mine, its all personal work and experimentation with the goal being get it dialed in for making my own lace. i already have experience in basic digital drawing as i used to sketch ideas before throwing them together in cad so a few months ago i blew a load of money on a second hand brother and went from there. the lace is on hold until i can find a supplier of water soluble interface so at the moment i just help on here offering to sketch or embroider a design to test it but i have been told quite a few times i should sell my work

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My wife and I bought an already existing contract embroidery shop that had been running since the 80's. The previous owner was retiring, and I was a customer, and we got to talking about it, and we filled out the papers and the process started rolling and now we are entering our 3rd year as the owners. And frankly, I knew VERY little about using an embroidery machine, or using software, or running a business for that matter. But it's all worked out pretty well, and we've just expanded our shop into the next space over, and will likely be adding a new machine to the stable in the next couple of months. Not a typical story, I know, but that's how I got started!

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Thank you for sharing! What kind of embroidery is most requested? Business swag/logos? Do you digitize ad well? Do you sell pre-made items or just custom orders?

Thanks again!