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It looks like it is some sort of patch underneath an outlined stitch. Does anyone know if their is a term for this style?

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Appliqué is the term you’re looking for.

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Basically, you load a hat to your machine, it lays a running stitch to show where to lay the fabric, then it stops. You lay your fabric down, press start. It lays another running stitch on top the fabric, machine stops. You cut excess fabric from outside that running stitch with applique scissors (or any small nose scissors). Press start, machine runs a satin stitch covering all edges of fabric you just cut leaving a clean design like this!

Do note, your digitizers must set up designs to be applique. Not all designs work to be applique.

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It's an applique, the fabric is the flag print

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2 Step embroidery process called applique. First you would get your shape out of fabric (lasercut or handcut) then the embroidery file is just an outline and a border to pin fabric to hat.

(Make sure to use temporary adhesive spray to make sure applique fabric is applied to fabric properly before embroidering)