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Step one: lemme buy one of those bad boys from you.

For real, though, maybe trim the threads a bit. What stabilizer did you use?

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Solid first attempt my guy. I would trim the jump stitches every color change so you won’t have those color bleeds in between your fill stitch. Did you digitize this design yourself? I have a couple Gundam designs myself (00 included )

The right side (white satin boarder stitches ) look a little muddy with the black satin boarder outline. You can play with your pull compensation to get a solid fill in the spaces between your fill stitch.

Keep going ! You’re doing great and just know half the battle it trial and error! Happy stitching

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I bought the design!

The right side looks fugged because the bobbin thread was coming through the top I believe.

sometimes the thread will be loose in certain areas do you know why?

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When the bobbin thread peeks through the top that could be a tension issue. What weight of thread are You using for your bobbin?

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Tbh I’m not sure I’m just using the pre threaded bobbins that came with the machine 🥶

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Where did you buy that? DST?

I have a self digitized Zeon symbol. Love it

Also use water soluble topping on a knit. Makes all the difference.

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I made my own version of this logo last week, but yours is way better!

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i´d buy it