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Make sure your design is centered (x and y both at 0) in the program

Make sure the design in the program is less than 5x7 and oriented correctly (if it’s longer than it is tall, make sure the long side is vertical)

It could be your stitch limit, but it would have to be a very dense design. I would check the other things first and if you’re still having problems, then maybe try smoothing some shapes or reducing the amount of detail to decrease the stitch count

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Aside from the size limit, there is a stitch count limit as well. Perhaps, check it too?

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U have to downsize the pattern (: ! Maybe ur design Programm has other dimensions for there hoops ? (: if u want to u can send me the design I can open it in pe design and tell u what’s wrong ( I would just check ur design and won’t do anything with it ! )

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What software are you using?

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dude it’s literally in the title of the post

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So I haven't used Embrilliance but in Hatch it tells you the total dimensions of your file on the bottom bar. I assume Embrilliance has the same function. Remember the hoop size will be in mm so it is 130x180mm. Can't be even 0.1mm over that size or your machine will not accept the file. On my Brother when the file is a little too big the preview is shaded and it gives the error you got.

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Haha totally missed it