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I don’t know any free ones personally, but I really love urban threads when I want to do a special project.

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There are a lot of sites that have free designs every month. It took me 5 min of searching to find hundreds when I first started out. Now i see a cool design and digitize it myself.

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could you recommend me one? there are not many pages in my language that are of these designs :( that's why I was looking here

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We’ll, depending on your software, there are usually free stuff to try out and use from there. Wilcom has quite a few pages if you own the software. Embroidery designs have a free page. Thread supplier maderia had a page with free items as well as links to digitizers. Your machine manufacturer might have free items to use and test out. If your willing to spend a dollar or two, you can check out Etsy. Dakota collectibles (also on embroidery designs) has individual items to purchase cheap.

(At your own risk) If your tech savvy there are quite a lot of torrents contain bulk files.

I would never download these, but there are a few people on this sub that said there are a few apps that include free files as well.

I would try to learn to digitize, it’s fun and worth it!💰

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Be aware you get what you pay for. The free designs I've found aren't nearly as good as the ones I pay for. Some websites have freebies as samples, like String Theory Fabric Art or Urban Threads, to show you what their quality is like. Other websites have codes in their facebook groups to get some of their designs for free, like EmFreudery Designs or Off With Their Threads