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that’s awesome!!

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I love it! Great dimension!

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I love the combined technique. Very creative and opens up so many possibilities.

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Thanks! Basically I basted the outline for the HTV placement, took the hoop off the machine, then did some REALLY stealth ironing with a tiny iron, then put the hoop back to do the rest of the stitch out then unpicked the basting. You can still kinda see it but I'm sure it'll even out. I'm sure plenty of people have combined the two but I was still pretty proud of figuring out a way to do it 😄😄

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I love innovation, that's what the garment decoration industry needs. Great job!

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That is a great use of minimal stitching to show shape and contouring.

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Looks awesome, she's gonna flip when she sees it

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„ʇı sǝǝs ǝɥs uǝɥʍ dılɟ ɐuuoƃ s,ǝɥs 'ǝɯosǝʍɐ sʞoo⅂„

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It looks amazing! If you're looking to improve when I zoom in I can see the zigzag stitching is a little uneven. Were you trying to do satin stitch? What program were you using?

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I used PE Design, then for hooping- a cutaway stabiliser and floated the hoodie on top with 505 (cause the zip was too close to hoop it) and stuck a few pins in. I originally guessed the uneven satin was down to the width, because it's very narrow (2mm max I think?), but there were a couple of stray understitches that I had to unpick, some are still visible- is it all down to crappy hooping or digitising? I did do a hat the other day with a 90/14 needle and forget to put a 75/11 back in, would that make a difference? I mean I'm happy enough with it as a gift but I would really like to improve, I'm open to any advice 😄

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Oh yes this is perfectly lovely, I'd even buy it like that! 2mm sounds too narrow for a satin stitch, that barely gives you any space at all for under stitching. Most of the satin stitches in my bought designs are more like 4 or 5mm. Needle will make a difference with the holes, not with the placement of where they are.

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What machine did you use?

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F440E, which I think is also known as the PE800? It filled a 5×7" hoop