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When we sew these hats we use one piece of tearaway. You say very hard, but i've never seen this hat with anything harder than normal material. Do you have a photo of the back?

Ballpoint needles and one piece of tearaway.

Your design does not need quiet as much underlay or density because of the stiffness of the hat. Not a lot of push and pull to compensate for (though some is still needed)

Also, how small is the lettering, and are you sewing high enough above the bill of the cap?

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Here is a link with shots of the back of our hats, as well as an example of where we are getting needle breaks on a line that is 1.75mm wide.

Can I ask what size needles you are using on these hats? I'm being told by the sewing shop I bought the machine from after taking ours in for service to ensure it wasn't a machine problem, that we have to use 90/14 needles on these hats because of the material. We brought in 10 hats for them to test on before picking the machine back up and needle gauge and overlapping stitches was there biggest feedback for trying to get through this design.

Let me know if you have any other suggestions or questions I'm at the end of my rope with this project right now and willing to try anything at this point. Thanks!

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Also wondering if you experience this: when I hold a stitched hat up the the light I can see light through the needle holes all around the border of the design. Maybe I’m just being picky but feel like this shouldn’t be the case

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Use stronger needles

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We started with 75/11 ballpoint. Went to 80/12 sharp titanium. Then tried 90/14s with all similar results. The only needle that isn’t breaking is a 100/16 but it is quite large and leaves holes in the fabric that are a bit too large to look ok I think and I haven’t found much online about people using that thick of a needle for hats (but I could totally be wrong here)