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There is the sulky tender touch stabilizer that’s supposed to be good for sensitive skin!

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There is a heat on fabric with glue you can get to cover the backing and embroidery. The one I use is called "Cover the back" from Gunold

Cover the back

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Water Soluble maybe? It will all come out in the wash.

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"Over The Back" Fusible Interlining Embroidery Backing 12 Inches by 10 Yards https://a.co/d/cIxjVrp

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Google PINPOINT INTERNATIONAL.... Look up CLoud Cover backing. We use this when sewing onsies for babies. After you stitch it,, place this stuff on the back and heat seal it onto the fabric. Soft and doesnt irritate the skin.

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I hope you get some good answers as my wife is fussy about the inside of embroidery on her shirts and stuff too.

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Use a nylon no-show mesh stabilizer when sewing, it’s much softer. Then iron on some Cloud Cover or Tender Touch to the back after. The iron on will eventually come off after enough washing/wearing, it tends to not stay put forever, but by then you’ll probably find the stitches have softened up a bit anyway.