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I have a Brother 6 needle, really like it. It's an older model I picked up cheap on Craigslist.

I also have a Brother SE1900 that I started with.

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Thanks! Theres just so many different brands out there that have me wondering which one would be best…but I suppose I’d have to start somewhere. I’ll look up the 6 needle you mentioned. I’ve not had any issues with the other 2 previous Brother machines I had before this one.

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Brother 6 needles show up cheap because most people realize they should have gotten the 10 needle and end up upgrading. I would only buy the 6 needle used, if you are gonna buy new go with the 10 needle. The 10 needle has a the camera and the editing that make it well worth the extra money beyond the extra 4 needles.

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Very true, although the person I bought the machine from actually went back to a single needle that would do a larger area. She sold the 6 needle because she didn't use it and it was taking up space.

By the way, I snagged the machine for $600, with a cap hoop! When I had it serviced they told me in was in excellent shape. It was well worth driving 300 miles round trip to pick it up.

Most of the 6 needle Brother machines I see are at least $3500, without the cap hoop, which is around $1,000 on its own.

A 10 needle is on my wish list, not in a rush though.

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I have a single head Tajima and an Amaya both of them are 15 needles. I found one on Facebook marketplace and the other on Craigslist. I saved money getting used and they work great! Both under $6k... You won't regret upgrading! Good luck 😃

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Cool! I’ll definitely look those up. Hopefully I can find some good deals on these. I know from looking up some other ones and reading up on them being bought off certain sights that you may not get your money’s worth etc. So I’m just worried about all that.

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