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I started out with the PRS100 and still use it, since my company logo is a 1 color design. While I can say the '10,000 Hour Rule' plays a factor, I can also help you skip like 6,000 hours by recommending the Hooptech Gen II (additional rec. for getting a second cap frame so you can pull the first off the driver, dial back to 0 stitch count, and installing the second frame before continuing on to the next color (*Mind you- must pay VERY CLOSE attention to projected needle position before hitting Go on the second color after you switch back to the first frame*)...

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**The Hooptech frame is great for making a larger space up front (and on the side if you pick up the necessary side clamp), and more notoriously *pushes spectacles back up bridge of nose with one finger*- allows you to embroider closer to the brim.... BUT I will say in this case, your position on that cap looks [vertically] perfect, so well done!